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Stadiums and sports halls, capacity increases: at Fortunati and Parisi up to three thousand seats

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In outdoor plants it goes from 50 to 75 percent. 1,600 spectators are admitted to the PalaRavizza, 840 to the PalaBasletta

PAVIA. More spectators in stadiums and sports halls. This is the effect of Law Decree 139, which entered into force yesterday, which increases the capacity of outdoor facilities from 50 to 75 percent, and of those indoors from 35 to 60 percent. This means that, without prejudice to the obligation to show the Green pass, the Fortunati stadium in Pavia and the Parisi di Voghera will be able to accommodate up to three thousand people, compared to the previous two thousand, already from the derby of the second round of the Coppa Italia tomorrow evening in Pavia. (20.30) between the Azzurri and the Vogherese.

Different speech for the Chiappano di Varzi – remaining to the provincial clubs of football excellence – whose central grandstand will continue to accommodate up to a maximum of 100 spectators, pending the release of the new practicability required by the Municipality: once obtained, the available seats will be able to rise to 140.

We are therefore approaching the pre-Covid situation, indeed in fact with regard to provincial football we are already there, given that the average turnout in the provincial facilities was still very far from the maximum capacity allowed.

The palaces

What about indoor plants? The PalaRavizza of Pavia goes from 1300 to 1600 seats, the PalaBasletta of Vigevano from 490 to 840. An increased capacity to welcome the public that will already be operational next Saturday, on the occasion of the challenge between Riso Scotti and Legnano for the Serie B of basketball and the following day for the home debut of Garlasco’s men’s team in the A3 volleyball series, while the ducal palace will host the match between Elachem Vigevano and Borgomanero on Sunday at 6 pm for the third day of the cadet basketball championship.

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A desirable return

The increase in capacity was particularly expected by the local basketball clubs, all struggling – some more or less – with the budget accounts to balance, after the 2020-21 season played behind closed doors, therefore with the tap of the takings at box office remained completely dry.

Lele Caserio, president of Scotti Pavia, welcomes the news with satisfaction and hopes for the return of the cheering organized at PalaRavizza, after the decision of the Pride Pavese to suspend his collective participation in the matches (but inviting you to support the team on an individual level anyway) . “In the tribune, the usual sector of organized support, about fifty seats are already available – underlines Caserio – it would be fantastic if the Pride were already back for the match on Saturday evening against Legnano, a high-ranking challenge in which we will try to give continuity to the excellent start of the season and we will need the warmth of our fans »(Pavia and Vigevano are leading group A after two days).

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