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Summer sales 2022, when they start. The dates region by region – breaking latest news

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Summer sales 2022, when they start.  The dates region by region – breaking latest news

Rome, June 17, 2022 – The long-awaited summer sales of 2022 they will start in almost all regions il first weekend of July and will last about six weeks: this is what he reports Confcommercio. “The address emerged at the Conference of the Regions to maintain a single date of the sales on the first Saturday in July, while displacing some territories, it responds to the need to rebalance a market conditioned by lockdowns and to avoid further confusions both for consumers and for fashion retailers “: this is how the president of the Italian Fashion Federation – Confcommercio comments. , Giulio Felloni. “A sector that, heavily harassed by the closures imposed in the red zone by decree, in the middle of spring, has to deal with orders placed ten months earlier and products that, if not sold within the season, are susceptible to significant depreciation – he explains Felloni – The unique date, especially in such a delicate moment for the return to a new normal, avoid unnecessary competition between regions“, conclude.

The dates region by region

  • Sicily: 1 July – 15 September
  • Lazio*: July 2 – August 13
  • Liguria*: 2nd July – 16th August
  • Calabria*, Campania*, Lombardy*, Sardinia *, Valle d’Aosta*: July 2 – August 30
  • Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna*, Marche*, Molise *, Tuscany*, Umbria, Veneto*: 2nd July – 31st August
  • Basilicata *: July 2 – September 2
  • Puglia*: July 2 – September 15
  • Piedmont*: 2nd July – 27th September
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia: July 2 – September 30
  • Trento and Province: for 60 days; merchants freely determine the periods in which to make the balances
  • South Tyrol: periods vary between districts; are July 15 – August 12 or August 19 – September 16
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* with ban on promotional sales 15/30/40 days before the start of the sales, depending on the region

Sales, promotional sales and clearance

It is during the sales that the biggest discounts usually apply, but they are not the only type of extraordinary sale: Promotional sales and clearance sales are also part of this category. Let’s clarify what the differences are. First of all, the clearance sales they stand out because they can happen at any time of the yearbut only if they exist certain conditions, such as the sale of the company, the closure of the commercial activity, the renovation of the premises or the transfer of the company to another premises. The promotional salesinstead, they have seasonal character and concern unsold products. They are not tied to particular months of the year, even if they must have one limited duration. Promotional sales are regulated by the regions, which govern their performance with the aim of distinguishing them from the balances. In some regions, in fact, there is a ban on promotional sales between 15 and 40 days before sales.

Infine, i sale I am end of season sales – winter or summer, in fact – and concern all products which, if not sold within a certain period of time, are susceptible to significant depreciation. But why are they called balances? Although it is now fully part of the common jargon, the term is closely connected to a commercial lexicon: in fact, it indicates the difference between income and expenses, as well as a positive or negative balance. For this reason, the goods that have not been sold in a shop at the end of the season end up on sale.

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Useful info: the rights of those who buy

For merchants it is obligatory clearly expose the original price e the discounted one of the goods, with the relative discount percentage applied. On the other hand, it is not mandatory to change after purchase: This is generally left to the merchant’s discretion, unless the product has serious defects. In that case, the obligation to replace or return the price is triggered. However, the consumer is required to report the defect within two months from the date of discovery of the defect. For what concern card paymentis encouraged and it must be accepted from the shopkeeper: from 30 June, in fact, the ‘double fine’ will be applied for traders who refuse it. Furthermore, during the sales, all the good practice for the containment of the diffusion of Coronavirus, such as social distancing or regular hand sanitation. From 1 May in the shops there is no longer theobligation to wear a maskbut it remains strongly recommended, especially in crowded places.

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