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Surprise Giuliana on Alpago – Longarone Alpina. “We overestimated, they are the favorites”

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Alpago – Longarone Alpina? “It’s the match of the century”, as Carlo Giuliana, Gialloblù president defines it. Who does not say he is worried about the 1-0 defeat against San Vendemiano and costing the lonely first place. The focus now shifts to the awaited Puos derby, where the alpagots aim to win to overtake the summit. But according to the words of the volcanic number one of the Longarone Alpina, injuries are affecting the current path of the team of coach Sandro Tormen. And in any case, the priority in the challenges to be won is considered another.

“The one with Brendola in the quarter-finals of the Veneto Cup on 8 December, in our house”.


“Of course. There are four games left to play: the quarterfinals on 8 December, the round-trip semi-finals at the beginning of March and the final. If you win the Cup, you are fished out ».

Now there is the derby.

«The game of the century comes to me to say. The problem is that we are a completely different team than before. “El Tiko” Garcia will have it for a couple of turns due to a slight contracture, we have other problems of different degrees. In short, not exactly the best of life ».

Not the best to face a direct rival.

«Alpago is the favorite team to win the championship. They have been trying for many years now, now we cannot think that we will arrive and go up to the Promotion easily ».

Is some pressure building up?

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“I mean it, maybe we overestimated ourselves. And then we have various physical problems ».

Plus come from the knockout on Sunday.

«That doesn’t worry me, because it was a result conditioned by the referees. There was a penalty for them in the final, but our goal was regular. Furthermore, we only played in their half of the pitch, building four or five sensational chances ».

You come from a change of coach, with Sandro Tormen replacing the resigning Tiziano Schiocchet. Which she, however, would have exempted the same.

«We are all happy with the new technician. He has a different way of coaching and conceiving football, with also a different behavior. Mind you, I at Schiocchet have a good consideration regarding the person. But as a coach he no longer went well ».

It is said some of the management did not agree on a possible change, if she had exempted him.

“This was only after the first crisis of the previous week. But when I still had to replace the technical guide, later postponed due to his promises of a change of character. After we were in agreement ».

We come to the market. You are looking for players from outside. Is it a policy that pays off?

“We have brought some good ones: Fusciello, Djigo, Dimas, Garcia and so on. As I said two years ago, in the province I prefer not to fish anymore. If you have certain goals, it is difficult to find footballers who embrace your philosophy, including exaggerated requests for reimbursements, little desire to leave your garden and so on. Of course, we have good people from Belluno, including young people, but it is inevitable to go elsewhere as well. Where, however, at the moment everything is blocked, at the market level. Now I’m looking for a second striker ».

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Dimas had physical fitness difficulties.

«We should have put an athletic trainer alongside him. Like now in Sacile, where he plays. He has already lost at least eight kilos. Here, however, he did not get involved with the technician ».

Are you satisfied with the response from Longarone’s audience?

“They say they haven’t seen so many people here for a long time.”

Longo case. What do you expect from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office?

“We all testified. We await the sentence, but we are sure it will be fine. Otherwise, everything can be challenged by our lawyers ».

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