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That’s why the hope is called Lewis Hamilton

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That’s why the hope is called Lewis Hamilton

Oh, if only it were summer break! But next Sunday she has to do it again, the two-class society Formula 1. The division seems a bit unfair. Red Bull wins everything, on Sunday in Hungary for the twelfth time in a row, Max Verstappen for the seventh time.

The Dutchman is 110 points ahead of teammate Sergio Perez, who is many things but not a competitor. What does that mean for Verstappen? He could be on vacation, returning after four more Grands Prix and still leading the overall standings.

Behind the world champion, everyone feels transferred to Formula 2. This verdict comes from the paddock. It recognizes Verstappen’s 33.7 second lead over Lando Norris in the McLaren and Perez (37.6) after 70 laps and the impression the champion could have easily gone faster. This is as impressive as it is terrifying.

Because racing teams like Mercedes or Ferrari cannot rely on lower budgets or structural disadvantages. As long as it is not certain whether and who undercut the budget cap, everyone is making their own fortunes. McLaren’s leap in performance confirms a certain free play of forces in the top floor of Formula 1.

Even the most successful Formula 1 driver in history is convinced of this. In the middle of the paralyzing Red Bull dominance phase, Lewis Hamilton’s rumored contract extension at Mercedes by two years seems like a beacon. On the way to his 104th pole position on Saturday, the 38-year-old Englishman showed with a tour at the limit in an inferior car that he still wants to and – crucially – that he can still do it at the highest level.

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Two years are needed because Hamilton in the Silver Arrow needs a run-up to try to become world champion for the eighth time, given the Red Bull lead, to leave Michael Schumacher behind in this category as well. Nothing else can persuade him to stay in the bone mill after 16 years and 103 victories.

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The contract has not yet been signed. But “we did it,” says team boss Toto Wolff, “emotionally”. Feeling good is the most powerful driver of catching up on depressing backlogs. Hamilton gives hope. However, the holiday comes at the wrong time.

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