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The East’s chaos is like tearing up famous brands, 13 teams grab the top eight seats

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Original title: Eastern chaos is like tearing up famous brands, 13 teams grab the top eight seats

This year’s Eastern Conference will likely stage a rare era of chaos. For the top eight seats, at least 13 teams may appear in the teams competing for the top eight. It is inevitable to break out of this year’s Eastern Conference. It’s a hard work.

Let’s take a look at the top four in the east, which can be regarded as the first group. The Nets defeated the Magic and once returned to the No. 1 position in the Eastern Conference. The Nets are regarded as the team with the first odds to win this season, but in fact the process of defeating the Magic is very difficult and it is a 19-point reversal. In addition to Irving’s problems this season, the Nets are also a hindrance. They even played only 7 players in the Magic game.

The Wizards and the Bulls are considered the biggest dark horses in the East this season. After the Wizards avenged the Heat, they directly played the No. 1 Heat in the East to the fourth position. In fact, even if the Wizards will not be optimistic, the team’s chemistry has exploded this season. The reaction and background are enough to become a spoiler in the Eastern Conference this year. The Bulls seem to have been firmly in the top four in the Eastern Conference by virtue of their overall rise, and the veteran Heat has become the only team in the Eastern Conference to enter the top five in offensive and defensive efficiency this season, catching up with the league’s first Warriors.

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Of course, the relationship between the winners and losers of the four teams you see now is also very vague. There is only one win in the first and fourth games. It may be a matter of a matchup that can change hands.

And the second group in the East… you even have to count from fifth to 12th in the East, because the fifth to twelfth positions have only 3 wins, of which the fifth to the twelfth position. The eighth position is only 0.5 wins, which is almost negligible. In fact, the Eastern Conference has fewer super teams than the Western Conference, and they have even started the qualifying battle half of the season ahead of schedule, which has not even been seen in the past 10 years.

Not only are the top four teams fighting in the Eastern Conference, the fifth to twelfth teams are all fighting for the top eight positions. Because the two teams in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, the Bucks and Hawks were even in the 10th and 11th positions in the Eastern Conference. After the Hornets lost to the Hawks in an away game, they may also face the embarrassment of being kicked out of the top eight positions in the Eastern Conference. I know that the Hornets have just experienced a five-game winning streak before losing to the Hawks, but they haven’t moved away from the record of the following teams.

The Cavaliers, a dark polo team, have just been squeezed out of the top eight. A few days ago, they even hovered in the fifth position in the Eastern Conference. They fell directly out of the top eight in a three-game losing streak. The Celtics, who have won 7 games in the last 10 games, were once third from the bottom in the Eastern Conference, and now they barely returned to the eighth position in the Eastern Conference. However, the record is the same as the Bucks and Cavaliers, and there is no advantage at all. .

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Even the most hopeless Magic team in the East once defeated the No. 1 Jazz team at the time. Their away game style was tough. Whether they were facing the Nets or the Bucks, they almost made the championship favorites and the defending champion gutter. Capsize. The Pacers have scored 5 victories in the past 10 games and are quietly shrinking and eighth place in the East with only 2.5 wins. What about the Raptors? They were once in the top six in the Eastern Conference. As a result, they lost six games in the past 10 games and fell directly to the current 12th place. Of course, they also have the opportunity to return to the top eight in the Eastern Conference at any time.

This is the situation in the entire Eastern Conference. Even in the past 10 games, 10 teams in the Eastern Conference’s top 13 have achieved at least a 50% win rate. Now look at the so-called first group in the East, in addition to the Heat and Nets, the Bulls and Wizards are likely to be replaced, such as the Green Bucks, and Philadelphia, which has many stars but is affected by injuries and the epidemic. For this year’s Eastern Conference, it may be time to rush for the playoffs. Every game may turn into a desperate playoff mode. Only in this way can it occupy a place in the top eight of the Eastern Conference this season.

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