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The Jj4 bear is saved: the TAR cancels the arrest order – breaking latest news

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Mother bear with cubs (Say)

Trento, April 16, 2021 – Mama Bear (codenamed Jj4) is safe. The TAR of Trento agreed with the animal rights associations – Lav, Enpa, Oipa, Lac, Lndc, Wwf, Lipu and Leal – which had done appeal against the arrest order of the plantigrada, issued by the president of the Province of Trento Maurizio Fugatti, ordering its cancellation. The Lav asks that “the Province of Trento stop your persecution here against the bear. “In the meantime, for JJ4 it will be a good one awakening from hibernation: with a sentence published today, the TAR of Trento definitively canceled the ordinance of the Province of Trento which ordered the capture of the bear JJ4.

The TAR, according to what was reported by the associations, held that there is no urgency which justifies the capture of the specimen.
“We are delighted with this result, we could not have hoped for better for a bear than he never did anything wrong, he just defended his puppies“, says Massimo Vitturi, responsible for Wild Animals Lav.

The ‘clash’ with the hunters

“The bear – recalls the Lav – last June had clashed with two hunters left the trail who surprised her in the company of her puppies, and she was sentenced to death by the president of the province Maurizio Fugatti “. But” thanks to our immediate intervention at the TAR of Trento, her life was saved and the order to kill was suspended and replaced by Fugatti with a new arrest order, which today was canceled because the TAR believes there is no urgency to justify the capture of the bear. “Now the Lav asks” that the Province of Trento refrain from further activities to provide for its capture, rather than spend its resources on implement all the necessary prevention activities necessary for a correct coexistence with the bear “.

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The fate of the bear M57

The Tar has instead confirmed the order for the capture and captivation of the bear M57, currently locked up in the wildlife center in Casteller. “A victory in half, the one reported today at the TAR of Trento. We will immediately present a request to the Council of State to obtain the precautionary suspension of the sentence issued against the young bear M57”, write in a joint note Enpa and Oipa.

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