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The mixed doubles semi-final match is released, Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu vs. Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong | Straight to Durban_Competition_Victory_Results

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The mixed doubles semi-final match is released, Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu vs. Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong | Straight to Durban_Competition_Victory_Results

Original title: Mixed doubles semi-final matchup, Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu vs. Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong | Straight to Durban

After Qian Tianyi and Chen Yuanyu withdrew due to illness, Zhou Kai and Xiang Peng also withdrew from the through competition due to physical discomfort before the mixed doubles match at the National Table Tennis World Table Tennis Championships in Durban today (first leg).

The head coach of the national team, Li Sun, said in an interview, “Zhou Kai and Xiang Peng had a fever today. In line with the principle of protecting athletes, we are considering the follow-up Grand Slam events in India and Singapore. I hope they can recover as soon as possible. The simulation game fully reflects the authenticity. Injuries are part of the game, and they are often encountered in international competitions, so we have to adapt to various emergencies as a whole.

The much-watched “Menglong” combination lost 1 to 3 to Liang Yanzhu/He Zhuojia. Ma Long/Chen Meng won the first game 11:9, but Liang Yanzhu/He Zhuojia played even better in the following games. They defeated Ma Long/Chen Meng in three consecutive games and won the second victory in the mixed doubles group stage. In the evening game, Liang Yanzhu/He Zhuojia lost 0 to 3 to Yu Ziyang/Sun Mingyang. Since Liang Jingkun/Qian Tianyi retired, the remaining three pairs formed a “serial set” of winning and losing. After the calculation of small points, Yu Ziyang/Sun Mingyang won the first place in the group and locked in the top 4.

Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong won two more victories today after their first victory yesterday. In the afternoon game, they defeated Xu Haidong/Guo Yuhan 3-0. The focus of this game was the first game. Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong won with difficulty at 14:12, laying the foundation for the final victory. After the game, Lin Gaoyuan also focused on the first game: “The game was very stalemate, the opponent was very characteristic, the quality was very high, and the ball was relatively cold and threatening.” After winning two games, Lin Gaoyuan said: ” Now that you are on this field to compete for the spot, then go all out to play every game well.” Chen Xingtong added: ” My inner goal is to be able to do my best every game, In fact, when it comes to the final results, I don’t think this means that you can decide on your own, what you can do is to play every game well. ”

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In the evening, Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong ushered in the most difficult battle since the start of the match. Against Yuan Licen/Wang Yidi, they fought hard for 5 rounds and had the last laugh. In the first half of the game, Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong took a 2-0 lead at 14:12 and 11:8, and then Yuan Licen/Wang Yidi seized the opportunity on the key ball twice and won the third game at 11:9 and 12:10. In the fourth game, the two sides fought to a 2-2 tie. In the deciding game, Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong opened the score to 5:1 at the start, established an advantage in one fell swoop, and finally won 11:5, winning the first place in the group with three consecutive victories. Yuan Licen/Wang Yidi won the second place. They had two wins and one loss in the group stage. Xu Haidong/Guo Yuhan and Yan Sheng/Chen Yi won third and fourth respectively.

In the afternoon game, because Xiang Peng and Zhou Kai retired, Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu, Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha won automatically. In the evening, they also ushered in the last opponent of the group stage one after another.

Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu’s opponent was Zhao Zihao/Fan Siqi. In this match, the latter caused great trouble for Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu. Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu won the tiebreaker 11:8 after taking the lead twice and being tied by their opponents. During the game, Fan Zhendong had a sudden accident in the 2:2 tie in the fourth game and fell out of the baffle. Fortunately, he was fine. After a short adjustment, he returned to the game and won the final victory. In this way, Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu won the semi-final tickets with three consecutive victories, and Zhao Zihao/Fan Siqi won the second place in the group.

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World Table Tennis Championship partner Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha lost 0 to 3 to Xue Fei/Zhang Rui, a big upset. In this way, Xue Fei/Zhang Rui successfully advanced to the top 4 of the mixed doubles with the first place in the group.

at present, The semi-final matches have also taken place, namely Lin Gaoyuan/Chen Xingtong vs Fan Zhendong/Wang Manyu, Yu Ziyang/Sun Mingyang vs Xue Fei/Zhang Rui.

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