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The profession of referees and linesmen without gender distinction described in the Sporters App – Sport Marketing News

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The profession of referees and linesmen without gender distinction described in the Sporters App – Sport Marketing News

The App of Athletes clears the preparation of a sports-professional figure by tracing the route towards new training paths: thanks to masterclass con Manuela Nicolosia pioneer referee and linesman in the field, who describes in 15 video lessons how she went from a simple vocation to treading international fields as a judge for major competitions.

What previously could only be imagined is now just a click away, through an application that opens the doors for free to the preparatory mechanisms for a world that was previously a purely male prerogative. The contents that Sporters offers provide an unprecedented and useful opportunity to translate the passion for this sport into a job. The professional protagonist of storytelling, Manuela Nicolosiit was there first Italian to referee the men’s UEFA Super Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, 2 Olympics and La Ligue1 and, in 15 episodes, he recounts the key moments that marked his career. Starting from the inspiration from which he drew his strongest motivations, passing through obstacles, prejudices and physical and psychological difficulties, the greatest satisfactions, the solitude of those who make their way in an environment historically populated only by the male gender, to then enjoy the affirmation of its authority especially abroad.

She has come to terms with impostor syndrome, reeling off relevant parts of her story such as: “the first time I wore the uniform to referee, before entering the facility, the security staff asked the driver if I was accompanying anyone, to which I replied firmly that, if I hadn’t entered, it wouldn’t have been possible. play the match”.

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There is no shortage of first steps, advice on athletic preparation, exams and structures to rely on to undertake this path, as well as learning the appropriate use of technological tools to reduce the margin of error – always present but also a source of ‘teaching when it occurs -.

In this format, Manuela Nicolosi distributes advice on how to avoid some pitfalls and successfully enter this sector, going through the job opportunities that can open up at the end of your career.

The masterclass focuses on female empowerment to lay the foundations of a new sporting culture that highlights the benefits of following in his footsteps for Next Gen. The Sporters App acts precisely with the aim of dealing with sport in general in educational terms through a tool digital edutainment which aims to transfer awareness of the importance of physical and mental health. And this happens precisely in the highest historical moment for the right to Sport, which was the unanimous approval in the Chamber of the modification to the art. 33 of the Constitution which introduced the new paragraph: «The Republic recognizes the educational, social and psychophysical well-being value of sporting activity in all its forms”. in which this Masterclass on Sportsers is published, a perfect and coherent example of democratization of a sporting profession. Concrete demonstration of the need to open new ones professional orientation and social inclusion paths, alongside athletic practice, proposing a new model in which children can recognize themselves and in which the objectives look beyond health and well-being to the sharing of values ​​and inclusiveness, often underestimated in the face of the mere pursuit of sporting results at all costs.

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