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The road between the mountains cemented for the Giro d’Italia is already closed because it is “too dangerous”: Lussari mocks the Giunta Fedriga

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The road between the mountains cemented for the Giro d’Italia is already closed because it is “too dangerous”: Lussari mocks the Giunta Fedriga

Finally i cyclistsyes, they have arrived, but at the foot of the hill they have found a nice gate. Impossible to continue. The Mount Lussari entered the homes of millions of people on 27 May, in Italy and throughout the world, thanks to the penultimate stage of the Tour of Italythe uphill time trial started from Tarvisio with the arrival right next to the 16th century shrine. An operation made possible by the fact that the forest roaddirt road, was cemented with the allocation of a figure that, already last year, had caused discussion: 3 million euros (for not even 8 kilometers of track) part of which come from background Wow (what should have been used to restore the disasters caused by the storm that hit the Triveneto in 2018). But in spite of the controversies, also linked to the environmental impact, the Giunta led by Massimiliano Fedriga (together with the organizers of the Corsa Rosa) sold the Lussari stage – and related works – as an operation, on the one hand, of securing of the territory and, on the other, of tourism promotion of the area. Too bad, however, that the police have decided to bar the road just because deemed too dangerous. And so, goodbye tourists. A mockery.

The route develops on land in the hands of the Cult buildings fundmanaged by Police command for the protection of biodiversity and parks. Yesterday, as he writes the Gazzettinothe lieutenant colonel Christian Manni, commander of the local Arma group, issued the ordinance establishing the closure of the road to traffic. Bicycles included. And two-wheel enthusiasts, even from Sloveniaalready yesterday – after Lussari was definitively cleared of the bandwagon necessary to organize the stage – they rushed to Tarvisio to emulate Primoz Roglic and comrades. But no way: in front of them they found a bar. The reason that prompted the carabinieri to close the concrete road can be read in the document: “Given the particular danger“. In other words: there are traits al 20% slope, there are no downstream protections, how can an amateur cyclist – but also a more experienced one – ride it downhill without risking his neck? The military must have asked, but apparently the doubt did not come neither to Fedriga nor to the political director of the operation, Stephen MazzoliniVice President of the Regional Council. From what has been learned, those directly involved have jumped on their seats, between amazed and angry.

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The case, of course, has already arrived in the Region. “Cementing that road was one violenceit didn’t make any sense,” he attacks Mauro Capozzella of the 5 star movement. “They did just to have the crowd bath with the stage of the Giro d’Italia, but there was neither foresight nor planning. And now the Tarvisians are wondering what will become of it. That road was only traveled by expert people, it has always been considered impervious. No wonder it’s closed now.” The Pdthrough the counsellor Massimo Mentil, announced a question. The aim is to understand if the costly investment – ​​with its environmental impact – has been made just for one day, that of the Corsa Rosa. If you ask too Massimo Moretuzzo, group leader of the Pact for Autonomy-Civic Fvg in the Regional Council: “We have always been against the transformation of a place of spirituality like Lussari, a crossroads of cultures, languages ​​and peoples who have contributed to building Europe, into a showcase commercial. What does the Giunta Fedriga plan to do now after the decision of the Tarvisio forest carabinieri to close the Val Saisera-Lussari forest road to traffic, including pedestrians? Really the lightness in underestimating risks is incredible“. But also from the parts of Brothers of Italy pressing on the Giunta: “It is necessary for the Region to intervene so that the Val Saisera-Lussari road can be used by people as soon as possible – he wrote in a note Stefano Balloch – and the urgency is even more decisive also considering the public financial investment made for the preparation of the stage of the Giro d’Italia”.

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