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the smart exercise wheel to improve fitness –

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the smart exercise wheel to improve fitness –

ZeroWheel is a smart exercise wheel that can be used to tone your entire body. It was developed by Neil Singer, an MIT PhD and leading expert in advanced motor control technology.

ZeroWheel: a portable, lightweight and smart training tool

The idea for the product was started by Dr. Singer and his personal trainer, Adam Cass. They noticed a lack of effective core training fitness accessories that were easily accessible, lightweight, and portable. There was therefore a gap in the market to fill.

In simple terms, ZeroWheel is a motorized and interactive exercise wheel, equipped with smart features. The device is designed for anyone who wants to improve their fitness.

Easy to use, the ZeroWheel allows users to choose between four different operating modes, ranging from substantial assistance to more intense resistance. By providing assistance or resistance in multiple directions, the device allows you to target different muscle groups, from abs to triceps, calves and quads.

ZeroWheel can be connected to your smartwatch or phone to track your progress and get in-depth stats for personal training.

Another thing that makes this product attractive is its portability. The device is lightweight and has a small footprint. ZeroWheel could be a great addition to a home gym. Or something you can take with you to keep fit when you’re on the go.

The ZeroWheel team includes a large number of experts. So far they have raised about half a million US dollars for product development. The plan is to expand in the near future with $1.25 million in seed funding.

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If you want to get more information about this device, go to the website ZeroWheel. They are starting to accept pre-orders from both businesses and consumers. Delivery is scheduled for this fall.

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