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The strongest lineup represents China in the Winter Olympics curling Olympic trials, real swords and guns are better than real kung fu

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4 teams of men and women and 5 mixed doubles teams participated in the selection of the strongest lineup to represent China in the Beijing Winter Olympics

Real knives and guns compare to real kung fu in curling Olympic trials

On the last day of 2021, the China Curling Classic and Olympic Trials will end in Beijing Shougang Park. From the schedule to the ice facing the Olympic Winter Games, the players competed in strength, which can be described as a real effort. As the clock enters 2022, the list of players representing China in curling at the Beijing Winter Olympics will surface in January.

Rookie and famous duel

Become the main theme of the trials

In order to select outstanding athletes to represent China’s curling to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, starting from November 22, 2021, the Winter Games Center will hold the curling event Olympic trials. In this trial, the national training team and the national challenge team will play together. In the home and away round robin, 4 male and female quadruple teams and 5 mixed doubles teams will participate in each race. For six consecutive weeks, 48 ​​four-person matches and 60 games will be played. Mixed doubles competition. In the end, according to the ranking of each combination in the trial and the individual performance of the players, the strongest lineups of the men’s, women’s and mixed doubles will be selected to represent China in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Because Haijuan is the leader of the National Curling Challenge Team, the coaches and players are Zang Jialiang, Liu Rui and Liu Sijia. The male players are Wang Fengchun, Jiang Dongxu, and Cheng Kuo. The women’s team is composed of Ma Jingyi, Mei Jie, Yao Mingyue and Wang Rui. , The mixed doubles team consists of Liu Rui and Cao Chang. The curling national training team established a lineup dominated by young players in the second half of the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle. In the 2021 Curling World Championships, the Chinese women’s team composed of Han Yu, Dong Ziqi, Zhang Lijun, and Jiang Xindi finally finished 10th, and the Chinese men’s team composed of Zou Qiang, Tian Jiafeng, Wang Zhiyu and Xu Jingtao finished 14th. The duel between new talents and famous generals became the main theme of this trial.

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Long trial schedule

Follow the Beijing Winter Olympics

Before the trials, Ni Huizhong, director of the Winter Games Center of the State General Administration of Sports and party secretary, once stated that the strength of the training team is that it has good physical fitness and more systematic pre-training. The challenge team is not for the national training team as a companion. He said that the training and protection of the two teams are of the same standard, and the selection adheres to fair competition to stimulate strong combat effectiveness.

This curling trial is part of the training of China’s top curling players. The project settings, venue requirements and competition rules of the competition are all implemented in accordance with the standards of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The referee technical team on the venue are all from the Beijing Winter Olympics team.

Speaking of how close the trials are to the actual Winter Olympics, in the words of Han Yu, the female team captain of the national training team: It’s more experience to adjust to the new ice surface.”

The long trial schedule is also in line with the curling schedule of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics curling competition started a mixed doubles competition on February 2 two days before the opening ceremony, and the gold medal was awarded on the 8th. The men’s and women’s quadruples will start on the 9th, and the championship will be decided on the 19th and 20th. In other words, the other Winter Olympic athletes have not yet started, and the curling athletes have already played until the closing ceremony.

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Fully simulate the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics

Event arrangement live broadcast

In order to fully simulate the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics, the event was broadcast live. At the curling trial site, there are multiple camera teams, a large row of instruments on the sidelines, and dozens of staff members. The pictures captured by different camera positions are switched to the large LED screen on the sidelines through the live broadcast. Players on the field look at the replay of their previous shot from time to time and make decisions for the next shot. At the same time, live events of the event are also being broadcast on more than 20 online platforms outside the stadium. Because it is a live broadcast, most female athletes wear light makeup. This is a respect for the game and for the audience.

According to the rules of the trials, the challenge team competed with the national training team, and the team members also changed their partners during the sub-stations as required. Some athletes are competing with partners for the first time. On the one hand, the freshness between teammates changed the game, and on the other hand, it also exercised the players’ ability to quickly find a tacit understanding and the rhythm of the game.

From the perspective of the trial process, this competition system aroused the fighting spirit and interest of the players. In the six-week competition, the players had a collision of wisdom and passion, and dedicated a wonderful peak showdown for curling enthusiasts. Participants have gained experience in Olympic-level ice competitions, and they have become more adapted to the rhythm and pressure of the Winter Olympics physically, mentally and spiritually.Text/Reporter Chu Peng

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