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Three teams have not yet resumed training, the Chinese Super League ushered in the restart countdown | Super League | Shanghai | Guangzhou City_Sina News

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Original title: The three teams have not yet resumed training, the Chinese Super League ushered in the restart countdown

  The World Preliminary Round 12 in Asia has temporarily come to an end, and the countdown to the Chinese Super League has restarted. According to the plan, the second stage of the Chinese Super League is scheduled to start on December 12. However, due to the deep dilemma of some clubs, there are still big variables in whether all the Chinese Super League teams can participate in the competition.

  Up to now, three of the 16 teams in the Chinese Super League have not officially resumed training. Among them, the Guangzhou team is the one that has received the most attention, after all, they are once the overlord of the Chinese Super League. Moreover, their results in the first stage of this year’s Super League are very good, ranking second in the overall standings with 30 points. If the main players are preparing well, they are still very hopeful for the championship. But the problem is that the Guangzhou team is currently affected by the operating difficulties of the parent company and has not officially resumed training so far. Now, most of the players are training spontaneously under the leadership of Zheng Zhi, but there is no logistical guarantee. In addition, the Guangzhou team also includes Jiang Guangtai, Alan, Exon and Luo Guofu, four naturalized players who have gone with the national football team. Except Alan has returned to Brazil, it is unknown whether the remaining players will stay in the Guangzhou team to participate in the league.

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  As the dark horse of this season, the Hebei team, already struggling in the first stage, played very well and entered the championship group. Although the team relied on the team leader and coach to pay travel expenses to participate in the FA Cup, the team is still on holiday after the FA Cup is out. As for whether it will participate in the second stage of the league, the Hebei team is launching corresponding self-rescue actions. All employees expressed their willingness to work for free before the club completes the equity reform. But except for salary, if the Hebei team decides to continue to participate in the Super League, the expenses for food, clothing, housing and transportation will also be a large expenditure. It is currently reported that the Hebei team may significantly streamline the roster and finish the rest of the season at the lowest cost.

  In addition, Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics in the relegation group was also deadlocked due to the club’s shareholding reform. They had been training suddenly and stopped training last Sunday, and there is no news about when they will resume training for the second stage of the Super League. Considering that the Chinese Super League is about to restart in the middle of next month, the time left for the three clubs is already very urgent.

  However, the other 13 teams are currently in the rhythm of normal preparations. In addition to the Chongqing team in the relegation group, the other seven teams are also actively preparing for the relegation battle. The Cangzhou Lions team also changed their head coach, and the new foreign teacher Sablic has been leading the team from November 5th. The Tianjin Jinmen Tigers resumed training on November 1. They have already played a warm-up match with the Beijing Guoan team. In early December, the whole team will go to Shanghai and Shanghai’s two Super League teams to warm up. The second-to-last Dalian team in the overall standings welcomes the Swedish foreign aid Larsson; the bottom-to-last Qingdao team is currently training in Shanghai.

  The teams in the championship group are also seizing the time to prepare. The Shandong Taishan team, the Shanghai Haigang team and the Shenzhen team all started training this Monday; the Changchun Yatai team even started training in Shanghai Jinshan on October 26. Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou City have also been training since the end of the FA Cup. The Beijing Guoan team has traveled to Shanghai this Wednesday for the final preparations.

  Overall, finishing the Super League this season is not a problem. But once a team withdraws from the second stage of the game, how to modify the schedule and competition system, how to calculate their results in the first stage, these issues will test the Chinese Football Association’s ability to cope.

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