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Treviso Basket, last quarter to scream: victory against Reggio Emilia and third place

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A super Bortolani drags Nutribullet against UnaHotels 86-76: TvB with three other teams in third place

VILLORBA. Fourth devastating period and Treviso flies over a tough, rocky Reggiana until it was able to count on the phenomenal Hopkins but in the end ineluctably tamed by a stronger team even mentally, put to the test, by a very hard tug-of-war that lasted 35 minutes but which then has produced the blaze, from 6.75, which incinerated his opponents.

After -30 in Milan and two weeks of rest, we wanted to understand how this Nutribullet could come back: positive response. The flaws are still there (little patience, ball circulation that tends to slow down) but there are also many qualities to develop, in a future that really seems to smile.

Treviso, it was said, initially very contracted and it is not even a novelty: his 1/4 allows the 9-2 guest at 3 ‘with 7 by Hopkins, who shoots from prohibitive distances for Sims. TvB relies on shooting from outside or on some one-on-one, cumbersome maneuver (just 3 assists in 20 ‘) because Reggio prevents her from running. The rapprochement is the work of Akele (5 points for 9-11) but it is always the “hoteliers” at the moment to lead the dance. With Jones in place of Sims there is now a greater defensive consistency: 5 of the just entered Bortolani and here is the overtaking at 16-13 to close a 7-0. On 16-16 another 5 arrive, this time by Imbrò, who now plays without protection at the elbow: 23-16 at 12 ‘. However, both teams often do not resist the temptation to force long shots, even with long shots, but Reggiana is now quite foul: 25-17 at 16 ‘before Olisevicius’ triple.

In truth, Dimsa and Soko are missing from Menetti’s appeal (of course, the mask does not help him), practically nil, then Nutribullet focuses on physicality and has the two died together on the field but it is always Hopkins who does damage from any distance (all interval 18 with 3/3 of three) and so the reds return and even go forward: 29-28 at 16 ‘. Treviso, on the other hand, is back in confusion, with Russell who gets stuck in individual actions (but it’s his triple on the siren for +1 in the middle of the race) with Soko getting the unsportsmanlike.

Hopkins continues in his personal show, Olisevicius’s fourth foul on 24 ‘is the only good news in a delicate moment, in which the UnaHotel tries the break: 48-43. And the tension rises for a couple of referees’ whistles, let’s say, not exactly home-made. It is Jones who impacts in a game that remains low-scoring, which is notoriously annoying to our team. He does not give the bomb to Akele’s siren, that of +3 at the last nap. Now TvB is a bit looser in attack, the 2 + 1 of the excellent Imbrò for 60-55 but on the other side there is always someone capable of replying: a 7-0 Crawford guest arrives. It is the last overtaking. Replicate the triples of the captain and Bortolani: now it is a really great game. Our players enter in the 36 ‘at 69-64, the foul in attack by Cincia inspires Dimsa’s triple (it was time), the very heavy one of +8 at -3’39 “. Candi from three rekindles Reggio, turns it off with Jordan Bortolani’s sidereal 3 + 1.

And now he scores only by three: Olisevicius and Jones (sic): 79-70 at 38 ‘. Race crazy like a mayonnaise. Cincia fails the triple then is stopped by Jones who hits the +14 of 39 ‘. And this time it’s really done: Treviso, albeit in excellent company, is third. Beyond belief.

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