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Tuchel: Manchester City is not tortured by the new crown and hopes to postpone the game The rules are the same for every team – yqqlm

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Original title: Tuchel: Manchester City is not tortured by the new crown, hopes to postpone the game The rules are the same for every team

Tuchel: Manchester City are not tortured by the new crown, hope to postpone the game The rules are the same for every team

Live it, January 14th. At 20:30 on January 15th, Beijing time, in the 22nd round of the 2021-22 Premier League season, Chelsea will play away to Manchester City. Before the game, Blues coach Tuchel attended a press conference and he talked about some of the team’s situation. Tuchel said it was a big difference that Manchester City had not been afflicted by the coronavirus for weeks like Chelsea.

About the team’s injuries

Tuchel: “No news is good news, Chaloba can’t play, Reece James and Chilwell can’t play. We have a new player who tested positive for the new crown, this time it’s Christensen, so he can’t play this match.”

Will loan players be returned?

Tuchel: “Cheek is getting a lot of game time compared to recent seasons and in my opinion he has a lot to fight for here, it’s going to be something that happens behind the scenes. About getting the players back , it’s not just about our needs, it’s about possibilities. We loan players out and they play a role at their respective clubs.”

If you lose tomorrow, will it be difficult to fight for the title?

Tuchel: “Maybe, who knows, they’ve handled the injury situation and the Covid-19 situation better. Maybe it’s luck, maybe they’re doing better, they have fewer injuries and miss more players. It’s a big difference that they haven’t been afflicted by Covid-19 for weeks like we have.”

Regarding the rules for games being postponed, does this change depending on the club?

Tuchel: “I hope very, very strongly it’s not the case, because then I’m going to be pissed, we’re doing everything we can to play, and we’re forced to play when I think we probably shouldn’t. So I can only strongly hope that the rules are the same for every club.”

Still learning from Guardiola?

Tuchel: “I’m trying to learn from every opponent, I have a lot of respect for Guardiola, everyone knows that. But I’ll learn from all the coaches, from everyone, including the players.”

Are Manchester City the toughest team in European football?

Tuchel: “We are confident enough to say that we will try to close the gap with Manchester City from the first day of the season, don’t get me wrong, I am very happy with the players who will be able to play tomorrow and we will do the same , push them with the same belief. But our team is different from when we can play full, you always have injuries and little issues, but having a full team gives you that extra edge , you need to be at Manchester City’s level, but we’re not there yet, that’s just my interpretation of the situation.”

About the September loss to Manchester City

Tuchel: “My approach was wrong, it made us too passive, things shouldn’t be like that, but the result is the result, so I’ve learned my lesson.”

Close the gap with Manchester City?

Tuchel: “We have to prove to ourselves that we need to move forward every day and close the gap. We believe in what we do, in our players, in the spirit of our club and we can do it. We have a strong ball. Team, we have faith in what we do so we can do it. It’s a special situation and I’ve talked about why many times and it’s something we can’t ignore.”

What else needs to be done to chase Manchester City?

Tuchel: “With the return of the players, our belief, experience and options have also increased. Last game Kante and Thiago Silva returned to the bench, but they only had one group training session. We’re not at 100% yet, we need a great performance to catch City and top the Premier League, to do that you need everyone, so we want the players back. But when it comes to Christensen It’s a setback for everyone when they contract Covid-19 after a great performance.”

Are you ready to face the surprise of Gua Shuai?

Tuchel: “I can’t expect anything special tomorrow because it’s a league and they’re already leading by a big margin. They’ll try to give their best performance, I’m not expecting anything else except Against the best of Manchester City, we are good enough to handle a situation like this.”

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