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Sun Yingsha Leads Shenzhen University and Luneng to Victory in Table Tennis Super League Women’s Team

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Sun Yingsha Leads Shenzhen University and Luneng to Victory in Table Tennis Super League Women’s Team

Sun Yingsha Secures Victory for Shenzhen University in Table Tennis Super League Women’s Team

In the first round of the women’s team competition in the Table Tennis Super League, Shenzhen University got off to a sensational start with a 3-0 win over East China University of Science and Technology. The team comprising Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, and Kuaiman demonstrated their lightning-fast skills, defeating their opponents with three straight points.

The doubles match set the tone for Shenzhen University’s victory. Chen Meng and Kuaiman showed great chemistry and defeated their opponents Li Yake and Qin Xiaoce with a flawless performance, winning 3-0. Sun Yingsha then faced Wang Yidi in a highly anticipated singles match. Sun Yingsha quickly found her rhythm in the game and secured a 2-0 lead with two 11-6 victories. Despite Wang Yidi’s efforts to fight back in the third game, Sun Yingsha maintained her composure and clinched victory with a decisive move, winning 12-10. Sun Yingsha has proven herself to be a dominant force in the Table Tennis Super League, having won the “MVP” title in the past three leagues. The competition now focuses on whether she can secure the title for the fourth consecutive time this season. In the third singles match, Chen Meng effortlessly defeated Qin Xiaoce 3-0.

Meanwhile, defending champions Shandong Luneng also kicked off their campaign with a resounding 3-0 victory over Longjiang Huiminbao. In the doubles match, Chen Xingtong and Qian Tianyi took on Liu Shiwen and Qi Fei. It was evident that Liu Shiwen, who had been absent from the field for a long time, was a bit rusty, particularly in intense confrontations, leading to several mistakes. Chen Xingtong and Qian Tianyi capitalized on this opportunity and comfortably controlled the game’s tempo, winning 3-0. In the subsequent singles matches, Wang Manyu defeated Guo Yuhan 3-1, while Chen Xingtong defeated Qi Fei 3-0, securing Shandong Luneng’s first victory of the season.

In another thrilling encounter, Shanghai Longteng triumphed over Chengdu Gaoxin Ruoshuiju with a 3-1 scoreline. Liu Weishan, partnering with Chen Yi, defeated Guo Yan and Yuan Yuan in the doubles match. Liu Weishan then continued her impressive form in the singles, defeating Leng Yutong 3-0 and contributing two crucial points to Shanghai Longteng. Yang Yiyun also contributed a point for the team by defeating Leng Yutong with a 3-0 scoreline in the second singles match. However, Chen Yi fell short against Yuan Yuan, losing the match 2-3.

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The Table Tennis Super League promises more exhilarating action, and fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming matches. To catch all the exciting moments, stay tuned and unlock more table tennis thrills in the world of this fast-paced sport.

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