Home Sports Uruguay, 46 consecutive seasons on the pitch: Carmona still plays, at the age of 60 …

Uruguay, 46 consecutive seasons on the pitch: Carmona still plays, at the age of 60 …

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Uruguay, 46 consecutive seasons on the pitch: Carmona still plays, at the age of 60 …

Robert took the field over the weekend with Club Social y Deportivo Hacele A Goal A La Vida, on the first day of the Uruguayan fourth division

Although there are dozens of players with an unusual age, the oldest in the world is in Uruguay. This weekend, Robert Carmona took the field in the first round of the Uruguayan fourth division, thus playing football for more than 45 seasons continuously.

Since entering the Guinness Book of Records for being the longest-serving footballer, the 60-year-old Uruguayan midfielder, who is called @carmonalaleyenda on Instagram, has gained a lot of exposure and has been interviewed by various national and international media. Now he is back viral on social media for playing a new match with the shirt of the Club Social y Deportivo Hacele Un Gol A La Vida.

Although the team debuted at the Estadio Victor Della Valle in Montevideo with a 3-1 defeat to Unión de San José in Uruguayan futbol’s Divisional D, they can continue to improve their longevity record, keeping Stanley Matthews and Kazu behind. Miura.

Furthermore, his role is so important within the squad that he is the captain.

“In the history of world football at the official level there have been about ten or 15 long-lived footballers but most of them have stopped their activity and returned to play for a club many years later. In my case, I have been playing continuously since I started my professional career in 1976, “commented Robert in an interview.

In addition, Carmona added: “I could not define simply what my longevity formula is. The factors are different: good nutrition, discipline in training, away from a sedentary life, alcohol and drugs, and despite having had a difficult life since childhood, I have always maintained a very positive attitude. A strong conviction is needed, to believe that dreams will come true, if one puts his head into it, in my life there is nothing that ‘cannot be done ‘. I feel I have received a gift and not wasted it, I feel very alive and with the energy of a young man “.

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