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US Open: Shang Juncheng lost count 0-2 and missed the youth men’s singles championship_Lin Kong

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Original title: US Open: Shang Juncheng lost his inventory 0-2 and missed the youth men’s singles championship

Sohu Sports News In the early morning of September 12, Beijing time, the 2021 Grand Slam Tennis Grand Slam US Open continued. In the men’s singles finals of the youth group, the top seed of the tournament, the Chinese teenager, wasted multiple counting opportunities in the second set. In the end, 2-6/6-7 lost to Spain’s Rincon in two consecutive sets and missed the men’s singles championship in the U.S. Open youth group.

Chinese teenager Shang Juncheng comes from a family of sports. His father is former national football player Shang Yi, and his mother is Chinese national table tennis player Wu Na. In 2016, he was only 11 years old and went to the American tennis school to practice. In 2017-2019, he was at the same age for three consecutive years. The segment ranked first. In July of this year, Shang completed his promotion to No. 1 in the men’s singles in the youth group. After that, he entered the quarterfinals in the French Open youth group and reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. This U.S. Open played as the top seed in the men’s singles in the youth group. The way to advancement was only to lose a set against Pele in the third round. After reaching the final, he encountered No. 3 seed Spanish player Rincon. The end of the finals will be the first Grand Slam youth champion. If he wins the championship, he will be the second Chinese player to win the men’s singles championship in the U.S. Open in 2017.

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In the first game, Rincon, who took the lead in serving, showed his superb ability to serve. He easily scored four consecutive serve to secure the first game. After the second game ended, he also kept the first serve of the final to a 1-1 draw. In the fourth inning, Shang Juncheng’s serving game was tied with 40-40 and then it was difficult to secure the serve. The deadlock was then broken in the sixth game. Shang Juncheng put a short back game and scored a 30-30 tie. After that, Shang Juncheng Zhengzheng. Lost the game with consecutive mistakes, and Rincon continued to secure a 5-2 lead. The eighth game was a must-have service for Shang Juncheng. Multi-beat stalemate Zhong Shang Juncheng backhanded out of bounds and sent a break point is also an inventory. After Shang Juncheng saved a break point, Rincon backhanded and scored in a straight line to complete the break. 6 2 win the first set.

In the second set, after Rincon kept the first two serving games in a row, in the third game, he forced Shang Juncheng to backhand and hang the net to get 40-15 consecutive break points. After that, Shang Juncheng saved the break points and kept the serve 2- 2 levels. In the seventh game, the deadlock was broken. Rincon’s state was declining and he was out of bounds and sent a break point. Shang Juncheng’s high-quality reception forced his opponent to return the ball and broke the serve. Shang Juncheng continued to secure a 5-3 lead and Rincon finished. After this must-have serve game, the score came to 4-5 behind one game.

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Next came Shang Juncheng’s serve to win the game. After 0-30 behind, he scored three points in a row to get the inventory. After that, Rincon played very tenaciously. Shang Juncheng missed four break points and saved two more break points. , And then the third break point Shangshang Juncheng double mistakenly sent the round 5-5 tie. Since then, the scores of their respective guards came to a 6-6 tie. In the tie-break, Shang Juncheng once led 5-2, and then Rincon continued to serve and scored 6-5 to get the match point, and Shang Juncheng saved a match point after 6-8. Lost the tiebreaker and lost the second set.

In the end, the 16-year-old Chinese teenager Shang Juncheng failed to create a miracle and lost two consecutive sets to Rincon’s missed U.S. Open youth men’s singles championship. The whole game took 1 hour and 32 minutes. Shang Juncheng’s ability to serve was insufficient. There were no ACES balls. 4 double faults. Rincon’s serving end blasted 7 ACES balls and 1 double fault. Shang Juncheng’s first serve success rate was 64%. 63% are behind the opponent. The number of winning points is 24 for the 17 linkings in the Shangshang process, and 14 linkings for the unforced mistakes and 19 linking points. In the break link, Shang Chengcheng broke 1 time with 2 break points, and Rincon broke 3 times with 8 break points.Return to Sohu to see more


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