Home Sports Vigevano prepares the new assault on A2 Laudoni is there, Peroni has to skip the debut

Vigevano prepares the new assault on A2 Laudoni is there, Peroni has to skip the debut

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Vigevano prepares the new assault on A2 Laudoni is there, Peroni has to skip the debut

Basketball. The B championship starts on Sunday: the management thinks big, coach Piazza finds a key player

the challenge

The yellow and blue people of PalaBasletta are ready for another great journey in the new season of Serie B and perhaps never as well as in Vigevano is the idea that the goal is important up to a certain point, but that the path counts above all. Because basketball in this reality is daily bread, perhaps the only thing that has resisted time and its changes, possibly strengthening itself even after the ruinous falls from which it has always risen. It matters little if the day before yesterday it was game 5 of the playoff final to return to A2, touched, dreamed and vanished at the last kilometer of an extraordinary year in any case.

Now is another day and we will see, starting from Sunday when the spotlight will turn on again in via Carducci on the rites of a ceremonial always timeless for Vigevano. The games are all important, with the first or the last it does not count. All the more so if it is a question of starting well in a much more particular league than usual, that of the transition towards the reform of tournaments with only four seats available per group in the playoff grid which are also worth the immediate certainty of, at least, do not lose position in the league hierarchy and then, maybe, who knows …

The millennials of Varese

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This is why it is important to start well on Sunday at home with the young and talented Robur Varese who arrives at Basletta full of millennials with good prospects and the “old” Allegretti to act as hen. Inside the building, theater of dreams “sold out” or almost on Sundays and very popular miracle workshop even during the week, there is feverish work, measured words, a wise absence of proclamations. Everyone knows what there is to do, inside and outside the wood of Via Carducci.

“We have made and are making investments also on an organizational and communicative level, beyond just the technical issues”, reflects the ducal vice president Marino Spaccasassi to whom everyone refers and it could not be otherwise given what he has put together in all these years of ascent . “We do it because we know that to consolidate ourselves at these levels and perhaps think of something more in the future, we need more in every respect and we are working on it”. While the construction site of the third or fourth lane, under the metaphorical sign “We are working for you, but without particular inconvenience”, continues with a precise and determined process, coach Paolo Piazza has started yet another season in the yellow and blue. Those who swear they know, whisper at the end of each season that Vigevano will change coach, only to find him in the gym at the summer meeting confirming that they know little, in truth, and that between the leader and the ducal control room, instead, the link and programs are really solid and shared. In training, the climate is clear and offers the idea of ​​a group that is well together, ready for Sunday, even if not yet complete. Laudoni (former Cividale rival in the play off final) should do it and has resumed working with the team; Peroni, on the other hand, will miss the first match. The instrumental knee tests have ruled out the worst troubles, but Piazza prefers to give him time and rest, perhaps to try to have him in the next ten Saturday in the early afternoon in Alba. First, however, there is Varese at the PalaBasletta. Down the token you start .—

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Fabio Babetto

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