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Vittorio Brumotti, the environmentally conscious bike trial champion: “Nature must be protected”

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Vittorio Brumotti, the environmentally conscious bike trial champion: “Nature must be protected”

From bike climbing on the tops of the world to the blitz for “Striscia la Notizia”, ​​no one stops him. Vittorio Brumotti, Born in 1980, despite his Gascon spirit, he has a strong sense of discipline. On the other hand, if it weren’t like this, he couldn’t climb the steepness of the Grand Canyon like it was the most natural thing in the world. The sense of the rules is partly a family legacy (father and uncle were in the Arma) and partly a sporting one. And the bike she is his great life partner. Few people know, however, that she has a real fixation for trees and plants. Furthermore, for years, the bike trial world champion has been at the side of the FAI (Italian Environmental Fund) to protect the beauty of our country. Celebrate your tours of Italy by bike in the name of slow and sustainable tourism.

Vittorio Brumotti is very close to the environmental issue: on the occasion of the lighting of the tree on 8 December, he will reach Forlì with a zero-impact bike

The first bike with mum and dad’s savings

What is the bicycle for you?

“It’s an extension of my body. I’ve been doing bike trials for 31 years, I started on November 11, 1991”.

What a memory! Do you remember her first bike?

“It hangs in the private hangar of my house. She’s a Spanish Monty, bought with money from my parents. She cost 890 thousand lire. They made an immense effort to surprise me. Mom Lisa and dad Claudio are my life. I have their birth dates, 58 and 68, tattooed on the fingers of both hands.”

Are you happy with what you have achieved so far?

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“The man who turns his passion into a profession will always be forced to be happy. I wish so many people could have the chance that I had. However, I am one who does not live in the past but in the future”.

On 8 December he will be the exceptional protagonist in Forlì for the lighting of the tree. A Christmas, for the city, in the name of sustainability and respect for the environment…

“Forlì is a dear destination for me and when they called me I was very pleased. I used to go there to see the Air show, as a kid I was obsessed with military planes. Clearly I will go there with my zero-impact bike, very different from super-polluting planes”.

Hundreds of trees in the backyard

What is your personal relationship with nature?

“In the garden of my house, in Liguria, I bought more than six hundred trees”.

Are you serious?

“Yes, of course. I don’t exhibit cars, bicycles or motorbikes but plants and trees. Practically my house is at the center of six hundred trees. From succulents to volcanic plants, passing through Washingtonia, the least attacked by the red weevil. I love evergreens because they give me the perception of the explosion of nature. I consider myself part of it. I think that nature should be cared for and protected”.

Vittorio Brumotti during the television program Striscia la Notizia

Protecting nature means preserving ourselves

Prevention is better than cure…

“Of course. If there is a castle near a river, it is clear that the riverbed needs to be cleaned every year. In Liguria, for example, we have terraces that must always be taken care of and preserved because otherwise the dry stone walls give way under the pressure of the water and the mountain collapses. Protecting nature means preserving ourselves. It cannot be postponed. Italy is the most beautiful country in the world and must be protected”.

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Is it true that he wanted to climb Everest by bike?

“I tried several times but for political reasons they blocked me. I spent two years in the Himalayas preparing. I have been on the highest European peaks”.

Are you ever afraid?

“Actually, my mind is always somewhere else. The soul goes elsewhere. I’m always on a bike that I jump and I don’t consider the dangers. I am addicted to life and try to enjoy it to the fullest. I feel fulfilled by playing sports, having two parents who give me so much love and rules. And when you feel like that, you face these battles head on.”

What is adrenaline for you?

“It’s a natural drug. You have to know how to calibrate it because it can screw you over”.

What record is missing?

“I like to amaze with things that are not taken for granted. I am a provocateur. Maybe one day I will think of a different record from my usual ones”.

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