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Wanda Nara-Icardi, separation, confirmation on Instagram

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Wanda Nara-Icardi, separation, confirmation on Instagram

In a story on Instagram, Nara admits the end of the relationship with the Galatasaray striker: “Better know from me”

“It is better to know from me”. Between an outfit and a TV appearance, Wanda Nara surprises and upsets millions of followers and gossippari around midnight with one of her stories on Instagram. A few sentences on a black background, as black is the moment that the most paparazzi and chat couple of recent years in the world of sport is experiencing, the one between the Argentine soubrette and prosecutor and the striker Mauro Icardi, former Inter and Psg, today at Galatasaray .

wanda’s message

“It is very painful for me – says Wanda’s message entrusted to social media – to live this moment. But given my exposure and the media speculations that are coming out it is preferable to know it from me. I have nothing to declare and I do not want to give any kind of details about this separation. Please I ask you to understand not only for me but also for our children. ” She doesn’t actually write the words “Mauro and I are separating” but she clearly makes them understand. The rumors of the separation between the two have been chasing each other for several months, and there had been many denials, the last just a few hours before the message entrusted to the social networks that went around the world in a few minutes. And Maurito? From his social profiles, at the moment, no news

Wanda and Maurito

A story, the one between Icardi and Wanda, born in the spotlight. The opening words are an explosion of gossip that bounces from Europe to South America. Because everything comes from the classic triangle. Wanda married Maxi Lopez, Argentine striker, in 2008: the couple gave birth to three sons and then divorced in 2013 after a long trail of mutual accusations related to marital infidelity. At the epilogue of the story with Maxi Lopez, the Argentine soubrette begins a new relationship with Icardi, teammate and friend of Maxi at Sampdoria. A story that, it is whispered, also ends up in the crosshairs of the senators of the albiceleste (above all Messi) who badly digest Maurito’s behavior. Meanwhile, the couple got married in 2014 and Francesca and Isabella were born from the marriage. Wanda also becomes Icardi’s manager and it is she who deals with the attacker’s passage from Inter to PSG. In Paris, however, the first heavy cracks emerge between the two when rumors emerge about an alleged affair between Maurito and the model China Suarez. Marital crisis saved in extremis and now the last chapter of the Wanda-Gate. At least so it seems.

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