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what they said – breaking latest news
Of Andrea Serene

In the confusion at the final whistle of Juventus-Inter in the Italian Cup, Lukaku and Cuadrado first argue, then the Colombian and Handanovic. The anger of the Belgian: «They’ve been insulting me since the whole game»

He’s almost used to it. She doesn’t accept it, he will never understand it, but he is no longer surprised. Lukaku is sorry. The day after the racist insults from the black and white curve of the Stadium, his cell phone vibrates for messages and notifications. Everyone lined up next to him, social condemnations rained down. But that’s not enough for Romelu: he would like much more to be done in Italy to fight racism.

On Tuesday he scores the equalizer penalty against Juventus and celebrates in his own way: he brings his right hand to his forehead, military salute style, and the forefinger of his left in front of his mouth. He always does it, most recently with Belgium against Sweden on March 24, to pay homage to his friend and compatriot Doku. Then he yells “dumb, dumb”, and seems to be addressing the Juventus curve. From that gesture was born the saloon brawl that closed the first round of the Italian derby, Cup version. It is Lukaku and Cuadrado who are arguing, who goes to the Belgian and asks him: «Why are you provoking the curve by rejoicing like this?». Romelu replies: “They’ve been insulting me since the whole game.” Captain Handanovic enters the scene, who goes to talk to Cuadrado to defend his teammate. The climate is incandescent, the tones rise to the point that, they say facing Turin, the Inter player would pronounce an offense aimed at Cuadrado’s mother, who gets furious and tries to punch him. Scenes of ordinary madness.

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Also the referee Massa reads Lukaku’s exultation as provocative, to the point of booking him for the second time (the first yellow card came for a foul on Gatti). A discretionary but correct choice, according to the top referees, who explain how, by regulation, a player who “acts in a provocative or derisive way” can be booked. Massa promoted, Lukaku will be disqualified today by the sports judge: Inter will accept the measure without asking for the offending yellow card to be reviewed (as it will do with the sanction that will be imposed on Handanovic for his expulsion after the brawl with Cuadrado). The Juventus curve, on the other hand, will be closed with a suspended sentence, net of the daspo for the fans who, identified with the cameras present at the Stadium, will be found guilty. Translated: the closure of the sector will only take place if similar episodes happen again.

«History repeats itself: it happened in 2019, and now again in 2023. I hope that the League will act for real this time. Thank you for your messages of support, fuck racism », writes Lukaku on Instagram.
The whole football world is on his side. For FIFA president Infantino, the insults directed at the Inter striker are “simply unacceptable”. The Minister of Sport, Andrea Abodi, speaks of “unbearable racism everywhere, especially on a football field”. The stars of the ball are also compact, from Mbappé (“2023 and still the same problems. But we will not allow you”) to Vinicius (“We are together, brother”). And again, among others, Balotelli, Seedorf, Boateng, Bennacer and Maignan: “Every year the same story, fewer words and more deeds”, the message of the Milan goalkeeper. An invitation, and also a hope.

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