Home Sports «With Monza we want to win the Scudetto in a year or two»- breaking latest news

«With Monza we want to win the Scudetto in a year or two»- breaking latest news

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«With Monza we want to win the Scudetto in a year or two»- breaking latest news
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Party with Monza in full force. Patron Silvio Berlusconi: «If Palladino had arrived earlier, we’d be on a par with Milan. We can say it: we want to win.”

“This Monza he’s doing a great job. We have important objectives and… whoever believes in them wins». Last night Silvio Berlusconi, patron of the Brianza team, met the players, managers and employees of Monza during a dinner at Villa Gernetto. And in his speech, alongside the deputy vice president and managing director of the club, Adriano Galliani, as well as thanking everyone for the current good performance of the newly promoted team in Serie A, capable of beating Juventus twice this season, he wanted to raise the future perspective. «We are here with full Monza. If Mr. Palladino had arrived earlier – who took over after Stroppa’s sacking, ndr — we would be in fifth or sixth place, more or less together with Milan. It is a Monza in which we truly believe and which we want to make even more important. We can say Adriano (Galliani): we want to win the Scudetto».

The goal, the mission, is also short-term: «We want to win it next year or the year after; We intend to win the Scudetto.”also citing the six golden rules established at the time of Milan: «With Monza we acquired new players over the years (in May he had invested 70 million over the course of 4 seasons, ndr
): we have now fixed it too Stadium with a not small expense of 25 million euros. Things have changed. Now over ten thousand people come to see Monza. The perspective is what I told you: we are united, because we must all stand together. Whoever believes in it fights, whoever believes in it overcomes all obstacles, whoever believes in it wins. We have to believe in Monza, which it has to become a big, big club».

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If, on the day of the promotion in A, that of the Scudetto and the Champions League seemed like a boutadenow Berlusconi seems to really believe it.

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