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Yordan Álvarez hit the home run again

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Yordan Álvarez hit the home run again

Cuban slugger Yordan Álvarez showcased his power once again on Wednesday in the Major Leagues, hitting his fifth home run of the season. Despite his impressive performance, the Houston Astros suffered another defeat against the Atlanta Braves, raising concerns about their poor start to the season.

Álvarez’s homer came early in the game, giving the Astros a temporary lead. However, the Braves quickly responded and eventually secured a 5-4 victory in extra innings.

The Astros, known for their consistency in recent years, have struggled this season with a disappointing 6-14 record. Despite the rough start, fans remain hopeful for a turnaround given the team’s history of success in the American League Championship Series.

The loss to the Braves serves as a reminder that the Astros have work to do to get back on track this season.Álvarez’s performance continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise challenging start for the team.

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