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Acer Connect X6E 5G, router con CPU Snapdragon X62

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Acer Connect X6E 5G, router con CPU Snapdragon X62

Acer brings to the market the new CPE 5G router, capable of ensuring high transfer speeds and the convenience of mobile broadband in homes and SMEs.

Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon X62 processor with AI Signal Boost, the dual-band Wi-Fi 6E router offers lightning-fast speeds ensuring smooth streaming and fast downloads.

Dual 5G and Ethernet connectivity allows users to balance network load and safeguard connectivity against network outages.
The built-in NFC in the Acer Connect X6E router allows users to quickly connect to the network and, thanks to the support VoLTE/VoIPto make crystal clear calls.

Acer Connect X6E 5G CPE for the home environment

Thanks to Wi-Fi 6E and MU-MIMO 4×4, users can take advantage of the software QoS (Quality of service) to balance and prioritize data use among devices on the network. The CPE Connect X6E 5G router allows you to connect up to 128 devices to your network simultaneously.

Acer Connect X6E 5G CPE for small businesses

Acer Connect X6E CPE 5G can simultaneously support multiple Internet-connected devices, such as smart meters, laptops, cell phones and surveillance cameras. This router can be quickly and easily installed and used as a flexible back-up solution for connectivity, ensuring that businesses stay online without any interruptions.

Acer’s full range of high-performance connectivity devices and routers are available for sale at major retailers and Acer eStore.

Prices and availability

The Acer Connect X6E 5G CPE router is available in Italy with prices starting from 299 euros.
Exact specifications, pricing and availability vary by region.

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