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Altea Federation and Bocconi University form Innovation Leaders

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Altea Federation and Bocconi University form Innovation Leaders

Also this year, the third in a row, Altea Federation has chosen to be alongside theBocconi University to bring the knowledge and point of view of companies into the academic world. Altea Federation is member DEVO Lab (Digital Enterprises Value and Organization) for several editions and this is where this special collaboration with Bocconi University was born within the corso IT Consulting.

This study program, included within the Master of Science biennale in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology and coordinated by Ferdinand PennarolaAssociate Professor Department of Management and Technology, provides a comprehensive picture for the IT consulting project managementboth from the point of view of the service provider and the customer.

In the next few months, some of the most qualified professionals of the group will be engaged in the role of tutorthrough a successful formula, already tested in past editions: the assignment of cinque challenge highly innovative to as many groups of students and their support along all stages of project development. Up to the presentation of the final projects in May.

This year’s great novelty is the participation of some brilliant young people from Altea Federation to support the tutors and students of the IT Consulting course. A choice that aims to enhance in talent under 30 of the group led by Andrea Rusticaproviding them with the opportunity to learn, share their knowledge and test themselves in different and stimulating contexts.

Under 30 of Altea Federation engaged as deputy tutor for Bocconi University

I whith Under 30selected through self-nomination and independently of their own Company, will assume the valuable role of deputy tutor. A key and reference figure both for the Altea Federation tutors, who can count on them for constant updates on the progress of the projects, and for the students, who will have the opportunity to meet young professionals who have recently entered the world of work, close to them in age and experience.

The deputy tutors will also have the fundamental task of interpreting the challengesnarrating and documenting its development, in a simple and understandable way for everyone, in the special role of “content creator” per Altea Federation.

For some time in Altea Federation we have been adopting policies aimed at bringing out the youngest talents of our companies – he comments Andrea Ruscica, President & Strategy Lead di Altea Federation – Between these, FatUnder30, an initiative that sees me directly involved with the aim of meeting the younger A-People and discussing ideas and solutions with them. Their participation in our projects represents a precious and essential lever to bring freshness and also get used to the reverse mentoringan approach that allows experience to combine new energies, intuition and passion”.

The fifth challenge with high technological value submitted to students

The themes proposed to the kids for 2023 were chosen with the precious coordination of Fabio Paracchini, Head of Innovation di Altea Federation, owner of the initiative and already protagonist of the previous editions of the IT Consulting course who comments “Today more than ever, the ability to innovate is a key factor for long-term success. I will strive for this partnership to represent an important step in training future innovation leaders“.

Together with the representatives of the individual companies, Paracchini has defined five projects through which the students will actually be able to confront some of the main challenges present on the market today.

  • “From plans to action: Metaverse & collaborative tools to translate strategies into real manufacturing” which challenges to apply the best available technologies in the contexts of the metaverse and collaborative planning.
  • “AI & New Emerging Techs for an exponential finance function in Altea Federation” which invites tooutline the future of the operating model for the Finance function, identifying the new skills required by the market.
  • “Rethinking ERP product configuration engines” That calls to design a customer experience for product configuration within the ERP, from any digital touchpoint.
  • “Reinvent BI (Business Intelligence) processes with generative AI” which incites to iidentify how generative AI can assist and replace the BI processes used by CFOs and finance departments.
  • “Customer Experience: engagement & communities, the new frontier in customer loyalty & customer support” which challenges to eexplore the new tech frontier of customer loyalty and assistance by introducing new approaches and services to raise the standards of engagement.
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Ferdinando Pennarola, Associate Professor of Bocconi University concludes “This collaboration is of great value to us, as it allows students to have practical experience and to challenge themselves with stimulating and highly topical topics, in preparation for their near future”.

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