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Apple will launch three new features of iOS 16.3 next week

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Apple will launch three new features of iOS 16.3 next week

Earlier, Apple has been the first to announce that iOS 16.3 provides new Unity screen background images to commemorate black history and culture to celebrate Black History Month. And Apple announced that it will release the official version update of iOS 16.3 next week, and has pushed iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 RC versions to developers. According to foreign media exposure, the new features brought by iOS 16.3, two of which are optimized and adjusted for the original features.

Security for Apple ID, HomePod smart speaker switch

First of all, the new features include support for Security for Apple ID, which can be used as a second-tier Apple ID authorization verification, allowing users to strengthen the security of account authentication when binding an Apple ID account through a third-party security key device. Secondly, the HomePod switching prompt designed after the release of the new generation of HomePod will appear in iOS 16.3. When the user changes the mobile phone music to the HomePod smart speaker, the mobile phone screen will display the text prompt function of “transfer music and control HomePod”.

(Image credit: zollotech Youtube Channel)

Emergency rescue function interface upgrade

In addition, the interface of the SOS emergency life-saving function has been changed from “Call With Hold” to “Call With Hold And Release”. If the user keeps pressing the side button and any volume button, The countdown will start and the alarm will sound. If you let go of the button after the countdown ends, iPhone will call emergency services.

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(Image credit: zollotech Youtube Channel)

In addition, the “Home Architecture Upgrade” that was temporarily withdrawn in iOS 16.2 will be re-launched in iOS 16.3, and the situation where Freeform cannot be displayed in the shared board when using Apple Pencil or finger drawing is fixed, and the iPhone 14 is fixed. Temporary strange line issues with Pro Max.

Sources: developer.apple, xda-developers, macrumors

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