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Bending Spoons bought Evernote

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Bending Spoons bought Evernote

Bending Spoons I bought Evernote. The Milan-based company, one of the world‘s leading app developers, has reached an agreement to acquire the popular Californian platform for taking notes and organizing work activities. The numbers of the operation were not disclosed. But the acquisition – which will be completed within the first few weeks of 2023 – confirms the international growth of Bending Spoons, also known in Italy for having created the app for tracing the infections from Covid-19, Immuni.

The announcement was made by the CEO of Evernote, Ian Small, in a post on the company’s official blog. “Joining Bending Spoons allows us to take advantage of their app expertise and the wide range of technologies they’ve developed over the years,” she explained.

The Italian software house, which last September raised 340 million in funding from a group of investors, including Intesa Sanpaolo e bpm bank, confirmed the news: “We have big plans to serve Evernote users,” a spokesperson said. But without providing further details on the purpose of the operation.

Bending Spoons was founded in 2013. It is led by Luke Ferrari and today it has 140 employees and 500 million apps downloaded worldwide for a total of 90 million active users every month. Over the years it has become one of the global leaders in the development and marketing of smartphone apps. And one of the leading technology companies in Europe.

Its products are focused so far in what is called “Creator economy”, the economy of content creators for social and apps: influencers, enthusiasts of specific industries and ordinary people who create and publish content online. One of the best known apps created is Spliceone of the top video editors in the world by revenue.

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Evernote instead it has a more dated history. It was founded in 2002. Between 2010 and 2015, it raised millions of dollars from leading Silicon Valley investors. It reached 300 million users worldwide and a valuation of close to a billion dollars in 2013. Then it began to go through a troubled period. His rating dropped and several managers left the company over the next few years.

Entering the Bending Spoons galaxy, Evernote could look for a new course, improving the technical part and perhaps innovating parts of the product. It is difficult to say today whether it will be able to return to the levels of the golden years, when it became one of the first success stories of the nascent smartphone application economy.

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