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Cisco Identity Intelligence, AI to protect yourself

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Cisco Identity Intelligence, AI to protect yourself

Cisco Identity Intelligence exploits the potential of artificial intelligence to protect users from identity-based attacks: it will be available from July.

Today, users use more digital identities and accounts to connect to the network: the entry points increase and, consequently, the attack surface also increases. Security teams often lack context about historical behavior of identities, actions within systems and risk levels, all information needed to make informed decisions.

Cisco Identity Intelligence integrates with existing identity stores and provides AI-driven visibility and analytics. You can view all of your company’s identities, take action on vulnerable accounts, eliminate unused and at-risk privileges, detect anomalies, and block access attempts—without having to replace your current solutions.

Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President e General Manager of Security and Collaboration di Cisco
Identity is the fabric that connects people, devices and applications and has become an easy target for modern cybersecurity attacks. Organizations need to adopt an identity-based approach to security that allows them to move from simply “can” a user access a system, to evaluating what a user “should” do and is doing once authenticated. By analyzing the entire attack surface of an organization, i.e. users, machines, services, applications, data and behaviors, Cisco Identity Intelligence is able to bridge the gap created between authentication and access. We are the first provider to bring together identity, networking and security into a complete solution that helps address the greatest cyber challenge of modern times.

How does it work?

With AI-driven behavioral analytics and Cisco’s unmatched network reach, organizations can implement incremental responses, such as quarantining an identity, deleting active sessions, or isolating the network with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).

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Cisco customers will be able to gain unmatched visibility into their existing solutions:

• Smart Authentication with Cisco Duo: Detects unusual patterns based on third-party behavior and signals.
• Intelligent access with Cisco Secure Access: Verify authentication and block unusual or high-risk behavior.
• Intelligent threat detection with Cisco XDR: Correlate identity signals to provide missing information that traditional endpoint and network security solutions fail to detect.

Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC
Hybrid working and modern hybrid multi-cloud IT architectures have evolved the enterprise perimeter based on user identity. Identities often have built-in legacies and use common directories, creating increasingly complex and evolving challenges. Therefore, a Zero Trust future cannot exist without identity being taken into account. Cisco is now able to create a bridge between identity and security to provide visibility that is real.

Will Townsend, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy
Identity is the new perimeter to protect and represents an ongoing challenge for companies, as evidenced by recent security breaches. Identity threat detection and response (ITDR) aims to converge identity and security by strengthening controls related to authenticated access by leveraging multiple sources of data and analytics.

Cisco Identity Intelligence – the AI ​​momentum continues

Cisco continues to make AI pervasive throughout the Cisco Security Cloud to help defend enterprise systems, including the Cisco AI Assistant for Security, which helps customers make informed decisions, augment tool capabilities, and automate tasks complex.

After the launch of the AI ​​​​assistant for the firewall, Cisco’s innovation manifests itself with additional and revolutionary AI features:
• Assistente IA in Secure Access: Leveraging the power of generative AI, customers can create security access policies using natural language messages within Cisco’s Secure Services Edge (SSE) solution.
• Artificial intelligence protection: new Secure Access capabilities help you automatically discover and protect intellectual property (IP) on and off systems that use artificial intelligence.
• AI-based email threat detection: Cisco Email Threat Defense uses artificial intelligence to monitor an email message for indicators of malicious intent.

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Cisco integrates its networking capabilities with Cisco Secure Access. Experience Insights, powered by Cisco ThousandEyes, improves hybrid worker productivity by quickly revealing connectivity and application issues, driving even faster resolutions. This feature does not incur additional costs, as it is included in all Secure Access licenses. Cisco Secure Access also integrates Catalyst SD-WANfor a complete offer of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

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