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Delete Disney Plus account – Here’s how

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Delete Disney Plus account – Here’s how

If you want to reduce your digital footprint or have created a new account at some point, you can delete the old Disney Plus account. You can find out exactly how you do this and what exactly is deleted here.

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Which data will be deleted?

If you decide to delete your Disney+ account, your Disney Plus personal information will be deleted. That means your email address, first and last name and profile name. In addition, all other data stored in the “Disney+” account will be anonymized so that it can no longer be linked to your email address.

Delete Disney Plus Account

Note that you cannot delete your Disney+ account until you have previously canceled the service. Especially if you have a Disney Plus account with a third-party providers, you should cancel the subscription here firstbefore deleting your account. Otherwise, the subscription and thus the costs continue to run through this third-party provider while you no longer have access to the streaming service.

Account deletion works only in the browser your PC, smartphone or tablet – not directly in the app. To permanently delete your Disney Plus account, follow these steps:

Open “Disney+” in a new tab in your browser and log in with the corresponding account, if not done automatically.Choose the main profile and click or tap on the top right of the profile picture.Select “Account” from the context menu.If your subscription is scheduled to be canceled, you should click here “Ideas” the Menu item “Delete account” find. Image source: GIGA As soon as you select “Delete account”, you have to log in again with your account for verification purposes E-Mail-Address and the password Sign up and confirm by clicking “Further” clicks. Now you should 6-digit code via email received. Enter the code in the space provided and select “Further” from. Finally, you choose again the “Delete” button to permanently destroy your account.

If something doesn’t work with the account deletion process, you should contact Disney+ Support. You can find all the options here:

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