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Diablo 4 joins XBox Game Pass Microsoft Podcast explodes game/console/mobile phone information

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Diablo 4 joins XBox Game Pass Microsoft Podcast explodes game/console/mobile phone information

Xbox Official Podcast Releases Multiple Breaking News That Matters to Non-Xbox Players

Xbox has made multiple big news announcements in a recent official podcast. The first one mentioned is that 4 Xbox exclusive games will be ported to other platforms (PS5/Switch); however, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer also stated that this does not mean that Xbox will completely reverse its current game exclusivity and publishing strategy. These games will be ported for their own business considerations.

Phil Spencer did not disclose the names of the four games, but said that the teams of those games are ready to be officially released soon. Phil did not want to take away their release opportunities, but said that two of the four games are long-term operations. It is a service game with a player community, and the other two are smaller works. Phil also made it clear that “Starfield” and “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” are not among the four games.

Because it has been stated that it is a service-oriented game with a community, it is generally believed that “Sea of ​​Thieves” will be ported.

The podcast also mentioned that more Activision Blizzard games will be available on Game Pass in the future, and “Diablo 4” will be added to Game Pass on March 28. In addition, the podcast also mentioned that there will be more game releases in June this year.

Indicates that Xbox is planning a next-generation console and is more likely to have a new mobile phone

In addition to games, the podcast also talked about the Xbox console. Sarah Bond (Xbox President) said that she has invested in the next generation of Xbox consoles and promised that this will be the “greatest generational leap in history.”

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In addition, although it was not mentioned in the podcast, Phil Spencer revealed in a recent interview with foreign media The Verge that an Xbox portable game console is not impossible: he said in the interview that he is “very proud of the Xbox hardware development team.” “We are seriously considering launching a unique and innovative console, and I look forward to letting the hardware team unleash their creativity.”

Phil continued, “We see business opportunities in different types of devices, and we will announce future hardware plans when we are ready.” “I am a loyal fan of portable game consoles, but there is nothing to announce at the moment.” In summary It means that it intends to participate in the portable game console market, but no details can be disclosed yet.

There are already many PC portable game consoles on the market, such as Steam Deck, ASUS’s ROG Ally, China’s AYANEO, etc., and the market response has been positive. In addition, the Nintendo Switch is actually half a handheld console, and Xbox is interested in joining the market. It makes sense.

In addition to various portable PC games, even Steam Deck can be played remotely through a browser or even directly installed Windows 11 to play PC Game Pass. It is also reasonable for Xbox to come up with a handheld console for Game Pass players to play on their phones.

PlayStation is starting to push cross-platform

It is worth mentioning that Sony has been actively porting its own first-party games to Steam in recent years, and recently even publicly stated that it will actively promote cross-platform games; I don’t know if they are both businessmen and see the same business opportunities, or if they are both. Turning enemies into friends is the beginning of a cooperative/healthy competition relationship.

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