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Extreme Ignite, Extreme’s new Partner Program

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Extreme Ignite, Extreme’s new Partner Program

Extreme Networks is a company that operates in the cloud networking sector, focused primarily on services that connect devices, applications and people. To allow distributors and resellers to better achieve their objectives, it has decided to evolve its Partner Program. In fact, with the growth of the service-based model, the new program Extreme Ignite It should help partners transform their businesses, differentiate themselves in the market and further drive positive customer outcomes.

The new Extreme Partner Program

The news of Partner Program Extreme (focused on resources, support and specialized training) focus on 4 points: demonstrate value, show difference, simplify processes, accelerate growth. In this direction, the new training programs include courses on the design and sale of solutions, while the specializations include new vertical badges at the partner level and new technical training certifications at the individual level. In detail, here is what Extreme Ignite consists of:

Business Continuity: how to reconcile costs and performance

Extreme Partner Demand Center (PDC)

It represents a new hub for Extreme channel marketing, enabling partners to go to market faster, growing demand and their business with a more intuitive user interface and experience, and instant campaign translation into over 130 languages . It also features the ability to easily customize Extreme videos with your company name and logo, as well as the availability of pre-built professional campaigns that can be downloaded and run in minutes. Finally, it offers telephone and chat support 24 hours a day for five days.

Extreme Business Development Representative (BDR)

This program provides partners with the resources needed to run outbound marketing campaigns and quickly increase the number of prospects for sales activity. Currently available to a limited number of selected partners, it will be progressively extended with a phased approach.

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Analysis and certification of professional skills

Extreme’s technical training and professional certification program has been expanded to help partners achieve higher levels of proficiency and support a growing global business. The new free Extreme Certification skills analysis tool helps technicians evaluate their level and understand whether they are capable of taking the Extreme Certified Professional exam. Covers all areas of technical expertise for installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting. Upon completion of the program, technicians receive a personalized recommendation for Extreme Certified Professional certification in their chosen technology areas.

The certification Extreme Professional Acceleratedon the other hand, is aimed at more experienced technicians who want to obtain the qualification quickly and is based on a two-day virtual course led by an instructor.

Specializations with an eye on sustainability

Specializations help Extreme Partners differentiate themselves in a crowded market. In addition to badges for vertical specializations, Extreme has added a sustainability specialization that allows partners to demonstrate their commitment to managing the business with a reduced environmental impact.

Ignite Rewards for employees of partner companies

Extreme Ignite includes the Ignite Rewards program where all employees of partner companies can earn rewards based on relevant activities completed in the program. Partners can also participate in peer-to-peer community forums to share their knowledge.

More accessible self-service features and demo kits

Extreme has increased self-service capabilities for account management featuring a new cloud activation dashboard for partners to track customer subscriptions and adoption of solutions. Furthermore, the Business Opportunity Builder (BOB) kit represents a true “network in a box” that can be easily transported and configured on site. Each kit contains 3 switches, 2 SD-WAN appliances, 2 5G hotspots and an access point. All hardware is connected to the Extreme fabric and enables partners to immediately configure and demonstrate key Extreme solutions with specific use cases to prospects.

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