Home Technology HomePod 2 out of the box|The sound of the 2nd generation is better than the 1st generation? Stereo combined Atmos effect comparable to Soundbar? 5 major new functions in one article

HomePod 2 out of the box|The sound of the 2nd generation is better than the 1st generation? Stereo combined Atmos effect comparable to Soundbar? 5 major new functions in one article

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HomePod 2 out of the box|The sound of the 2nd generation is better than the 1st generation? Stereo combined Atmos effect comparable to Soundbar? 5 major new functions in one article

When Apple released the second-generation smart speaker HomePod (hereinafter referred to as HomePod 2) in a surprise move before the Lunar New Year, Apple fans were both surprised and delighted. Since the first generation was discontinued in 2021, people thought that listening to music and watching movies would be useful. The HomePod with its vulgar performance has become a swan song, but HomePod 2 will come back without warning, and will go on sale this Friday (February 3). After all, it will be replaced with an S7 chip with stronger audio calculations and a redesigned internal structure. Will the sound be better than the first generation? What is the purpose of adding functions such as temperature and humidity sensing? Check it out now!

If you have used the first-generation HomePod in person, you should be impressed by its full potential of subwoofer and surging output. The sound quality is not much better than that of smart speakers at the same price. With multiple software updates in the future, lossless features will be added. New functions such as streaming enjoyment and Dolby Atmos panoramic sound are unfortunately only compatible with Apple’s own devices, and mobile phones and tablets that cannot be connected to other platforms can be used as Bluetooth speakers, which inevitably has limitations. Coming to the second generation, HomePod 2 is still only compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV 4K, but the sound quality in the actual test is indeed improved compared with the previous generation. With a pair of HomePod 2 paired to form a stereo combination, listening to songs and watching movies is more effective It is a must, and the functions of smart home are more diversified. If you often stream for entertainment or watch dramas, or plan to build a smart home, HomePod 2 will be a new member worth considering for Apple fans.

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Real-time adjustment of low-frequency treble oblique sound

At first glance, the shape and size of HomePod 2 are similar to the first generation. The body is available in black and white. In fact, there are still some changes in details. For example, the HomePod mini has a concave and flat design on the top screen. The first generation has a circular arch shape, and the display effect is different from the first generation when playing songs and operating. For example, it will appear white when playing songs, but it will appear in color when using Siri. As for the power cord at the rear, it also uses a detachable design, which is convenient for positioning and routing. The appearance of HomePod 2 has not changed much, but the interior of HomePod 2 has undergone earth-shaking changes. From the official perspective, it can be seen that the top continues to be equipped with a long-stroke woofer. Driven by a strong motor, the amplitude of the diaphragm can reach 20mm, which is enough to create a deeper and more powerful And a more sensitive low frequency, with the built-in bass EQ microphone, actively measure the internal pressure of the bass unit, the new work can adjust the low frequency in real time, no matter what type of song is playing, or the volume level, the bass still has a balanced and consistent output.
As for the five beam-forming tweeters arranged in an array at the bottom, although the number of tweeters has been reduced from 7 to 5 in the previous generation, the units have been changed to emit sound in an oblique direction. The advantage is that it helps to prevent high frequencies from being reflected by nearby objects, making treble and vocal transmission better. Clear, I believe it is also helpful for the sense of space created by Dolby Atmos or spatial audio. Speaking of another key to timbre—computing chips, HomePod 2 has been upgraded from the previous generation A8 to S7. With stronger computing power, it can adjust the timbre in real time to optimize it in real time according to the environment and the content being played in real time with a custom tuning mode.

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Stereo combination comparable to Soundbar

Having said so much, I actually tried to play many Apple Music songs in lossless compression and Dolby Atmos sound format with HomePod 2. You can hear more sound details, and the output power is still surging. Even if the volume is turned up to 90%, the sound quality is not distorted, which is worthy of praise. If you watch movies with Apple TV 4K, since HomePod 2 supports Dolby Atmos panoramic sound, it can also bring a good sense of presence. If you want to make the most of HomePod 2, or are interested in making your own wireless home theater, it is recommended to buy a pair of HomePod 2 at the same time. After forming a stereo mode, the sound field will immediately become transparent and wide, and the positioning of sound instruments will be more three-dimensional. When playing Dolby Atmos songs, The 360-degree sense of space is more real. Watching Dolby Atmos movies or episodes, you can even feel the realistic presence of bullets flying across the sky. The panoramic sound experience is even more realistic than many Soundbars.

List of five functions

room sensing
Just like the first generation, HomePod 2 has room-sensing technology. Based on the sound reflected from adjacent surfaces, the HomePod 2 can automatically identify where the speaker itself is placed, whether it is against a wall or in an open space, so as to adjust the sound quality. In addition, HomePod 2 itself also has a system sensor, which can calculate the current system and battery status, and further adjust the tuning mode in real time, so that the sound can be played better.

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Take over the song at any time
Another new feature about enjoyment is “handover”. As long as the iPhone used by fruit fans has a built-in U1 chip, when the phone is placed close to the HomePod 2, the music being played by the speaker will be transferred to the iPhone to continue playing. Conversely, if the iPhone is playing songs, then The HomePod 2 will “take over” and continue broadcasting.

Compatible with Matter smart home accessories
In addition to listening to music and watching movies, HomePod 2, as a new generation of smart speakers, has also enhanced its functions, especially in terms of smart home. In addition to HomeKit, it is now also compatible with Matter accessories, so that Apple fans can control more different types of home accessories through HomePod 2. From light bulbs, plugs to door locks, or Webcams, home appliances, all can be controlled using Home App and Siri.

Temperature and Humidity Detection
In addition to being used as a radio microphone for measuring sound, the original HomePod 2 also has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which can detect the temperature and humidity of the living room or room, and send the data to the home app. Apple fans can use relevant information to automate smart homes Operation, such as when the indoor temperature rises to a specified degree or higher, it can automatically close the curtains or turn on the air conditioner.

voice recognition
After a software update later, HomePod 2 will also add a voice recognition function. Once the radio microphone detects smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, it will send notifications to the user’s iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and can be installed to listen to relevant recordings to understand the situation. .

Price: $2,299
Inquiry: https://apple.co/40iUjRh

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