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How Aruba Pec works – la Repubblica

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How Aruba Pec works – la Repubblica

Aruba Pec It is among the most used certified email systems. Professionals, companies and offices must now have a PEC addressthe only tool that allows you to establish a digital domicile, a virtual place that converts communications that normally took place in writing (via paper letters), and for which you need a shipping receipt and delivery. This greatly reduces reception times but still allows you to maintain a certain level of security and send emails with legal value.

What is Aruba.it

Aruba PEC it is used both by institutions public than from those private: some have agreements and access occurs via the Web or incoming email addresses other than your personal ones. For private users there is not yet an obligation, but the activation of the service is growing PEC box to communicate it to the municipality of residence or to the Public Administration, which will automatically send the address to the ANPR registry database. For a valid signature, however, you must always use the digital one, certified by Aruba ID or other providers.

The system of Certified mail offers services that allow you to create one or more certified addresses from the domain of Aruba (@pec.it). It is also possible to create multiple domains, to be inserted in the space after @pec (for example @pec.dominio.xy) in the Hosting and domains customer area. To carry out this operation it is important that the provider always remains Aruba.

How to configure Aruba PEC

Per create one pec with Aruba just connect to the official website, enter your details, identify the offer you prefer and press Buy. To activate Aruba PEC, it is assumed that a package has been chosen first among those offered: it is in fact a paid service, but it is possible to choose between different offers.

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PEC STANDARD: at a cost of 5.00 euros plus VAT per year (7.90 the first); 1GB of memory with antivirus and antispam. It also offers the Read Invoices service to view invoices directly from the mail.

OVEN FOR: 25.00 euros + VAT each year; it has 2GB more for mail space, 3 for the archive and offers the SMS notification service

PEC PREMIUM: at a cost of 40.00 euros, it has even more advantages and 8GB of storage space.

Subsequently, you can proceed with the Login and fill out the form with your personal data (name, surname, telephone, home address, e-mail…). It will then be necessary to indicate whether the account is being created by a private individual, a natural person or a freelancer, a sole proprietorship, a company or by the public administration (there is also this possibility).

The next screen will present a summary of the order (product, quantity); by clicking on Continue you can complete the order by making the purchase and finally completing the registration.

After the first login it will be necessary to fill in another form with the first part of the certified email address, immediately choosing the initial part of the email (usually name.surname, or no.surname) and after the second, that of the domain: it is You can choose from those available in the automatic drop-down menu (usually @pec.it or @arubapec.it, @pecaruba.it etc…), based on the offer chosen. Finally, it will also be the case to choose a password and then click on Continue and proceed with the verification and proceed with the next step.

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To complete the procedure Aruba PEC there will be a final summary to check if all the data entered are correct and proceed with the payment. You can choose between different options: Credit card, Paypal, for immediate payment, Bulletin or Bank transfer with a wait of a few days for processing. For those in possession of a discount code, it must be entered where indicated. It is important to press the Confirm order button before leaving.

As soon as the payment is correctly processed it will be taken care of Aruba send an email to notify the user about theactivation of your account, from that moment on, together with the services requested.

How Aruba PEC works

Activated the PEC box on Aruba just log in to the site and access the customer area with your password and username. In this area you can manage the owner’s data and access credentials. There is also a history to verify that they have been carried out correctly and to check the periodicity.

To send and receive messages you need to use Webmail Aruba PEC: this contains various functions that also allow you to arrange and control the various features of the email. To make a document valid, be careful to affix a company digital, certified from Aruba or other providers.

For composing a message via PEC il operation is the same as the other email addresses: click on New/New email at the top left and enter the data with recipient, subject, message text and then press the send button. Since this is certified mail, the difference is that the sending of the message is validated by Aruba and sent to the recipient’s manager and delivered to the inbox.

Like other addresses, the left sidebar gives you access to the other sections of the inbox: sent items, inbox, sent items, archive, spam and others. And then Calendar, Contacts and Activities, always on the left in the classic version and at the top in the renewed one.

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