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Intel Develops New System to Reduce Laptop Screen Power Consumption

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Intel Develops New System to Reduce Laptop Screen Power Consumption

Intel Announces New Power-Saving Feature for Laptops

In a bid to reduce power consumption in laptops, processor giant Intel has developed a new system that uses a network camera to determine whether the user is looking at the screen. The company showcased this new technology, called User-Based Refresh Rate (UBRR), at the recently held Intel Intelligent 2023 event in San Jose, California.

The UBRR function utilizes the network camera to detect the user’s face and determine whether they are facing the screen. Based on the user’s presence, the display brightness and update frequency are adjusted accordingly. If the camera detects that the user has moved away from the laptop, the screen will be turned off completely, resulting in significant power savings.

On top of the UBRR feature, Intel’s Intelligent Display technology can automatically adjust the update rate based on the content being displayed on the screen. For instance, during video calls, the update rate will be limited to 30 frames per second. Additionally, the system can automatically optimize brightness and contrast for specific scenes in movies. Overall, Intel claims that this Intelligent Display technology can reduce laptop battery power consumption by up to 24%. By enabling the UBRR function and automatically turning off the screen, power consumption can be reduced by as much as 42%.

Despite its promising capabilities, Intel clarifies that the current Intelligent Display technology has not yet been integrated into their latest processors. A special chip is required for its operation, along with the Intel graphics driver and a webcam lens. Intel is currently collaborating with notebook manufacturers to integrate this technology into the next generation of products.

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It is expected that the first laptops to be equipped with Intelligent Display technology will be powered by Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake series processors. However, the company acknowledges that the technology is relatively expensive at this stage and will initially be installed in high-end notebook computers.

As Intel works towards integrating Intelligent Display technology into their processors, this advancement brings considerable potential for energy efficiency in laptops. With the ability to automatically turn off the screen when not in use, users can enjoy longer battery life and contribute to reducing energy consumption.

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