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Luto is about loss and grief: “You start seeing things but you can’t leave home…”

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Luto is about loss and grief: “You start seeing things but you can’t leave home…”

Canary Islands-Based Studio Broken Bird Games Unveils First Game, Luto 72b9a4c58a1e20c6fcc85a72f

The gaming world is abuzz with excitement as Broken Bird Games, a studio based in the Canary Islands, announces the upcoming release of their first game, Luto 72b9a4c58a1e20c6fcc85a72f. The team recently took the stage at the Arucas Gaming Fest to share their story and provide a glimpse into the world of Luto.

Luto 72b9a4c58a1e20c6fcc85a72f is a unique and atmospheric horror game that focuses on the theme of mourning and loss. According to producer and programmer Santi Miguel, the game offers a more subdued and introspective take on horror, with a heavy emphasis on creating an immersive experience for players.

“The game happens when you’ve just lost a loved one,” Miguel explains. “You’re mourning and you’re very depressed about your life. Your house, everything in your life becomes the horror that we’re trying to represent. You can’t get out of the house, and you start seeing things, so that’s how you start the game and you have to work through the sadness by playing and learning about yourself.”

Borja Corvo, the creative lead behind Luto, draws inspiration from iconic horror games such as PT and Silent Hill, as well as narrative-driven titles like What Remains of Edith Finch. The game promises to offer a unique blend of atmospheric storytelling, puzzles, and psychological horror, making it a highly anticipated release in the gaming community.

With Luto being built on Unreal Engine 5, the game is set to be released in boxed and downloadable versions in Q2-Q3 of 2024. Javier Puertas, head of publisher Selecta Play, confirmed this timeline in a recent interview, alongside plans for a potential feature at the Tokyo Game Show.

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Gaming enthusiasts can watch the full interview with the Broken Bird Games team to learn more about Luto’s Japanese influence and its potential impact on the global gaming scene. As excitement continues to build, fans can also anticipate a variety of physical and digital editions of the game, providing a range of options for players to explore the haunting world of Luto 72b9a4c58a1e20c6fcc85a72f.

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