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Exploring Freshness and Discovering a Different Self: An Interview with Global Star Liu Mintao

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Exploring Freshness and Discovering a Different Self: An Interview with Global Star Liu Mintao

Global Star Interview: Liu Mintao Talks About Her Role in “Welcome to Maile Village” and Her Approach to Acting

International Online News (Reporter Jiang Jianjing and Liu Xin): The foreign aid medical drama “Welcome to Maile Village” is currently being broadcast on Migu Video and other platforms. Liu Mintao plays Shi Zhuzi, the owner of an African restaurant. Talking about this role, Liu Mintao said: “In Sanna, Shi Zhuzi is more like a bridge and bond between Chinese and Chinese, Chinese and Africans, which makes me feel that this character is full of charm.”

Liu Mintao’s performance in dramas such as “The Pretender” and “Nirvana in Fire” is impressive. She can switch between the domineering eldest sister Ming Jing and the gentle and virtuous Concubine Jing with ease. The screen image of “sober and independent, gentle and firm” has attracted countless fans.

The filming of “Welcome to Maile Village” was Liu Mintao’s first time setting foot on the magical land of Tanzania in Africa. Liu Mintao had a lot to say about this drama, this unforgettable memory, and the acting itself.

When asked what impressed her most during the filming process, Liu Mintao said with emotion: “It’s just hot!” She admitted that after so many years of filming, she has never been as happy as this time about 80%-90% The whole time was taken at shooting spots such as beaches and seaside, without any obstruction, and the physical exertion was very high. It was a very unforgettable shooting experience.

“Welcome to Maile Village” was filmed in Stone Town, Zanzibar, in eastern Tanzania. This is Liu Mintao’s first time here. Talking about Stone Town, Liu Mintao said with relish: “There is a Chinese restaurant there, which is owned by a woman and has been open for nearly 30 years. The cuisine is mainly Sichuan cuisine, and their big crabs are very delicious!” Liu Mintao said It is highly recommended that tourists who have the opportunity to go to Stone City try this authentic Sichuan restaurant. “I think being able to eat delicious and delicious hometown food in a distant country can be regarded as a small blessing from a tiring journey.”

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Speaking of this trip to Africa, Liu Mintao seemed to be unable to stop. She also repeatedly recommended the must-buy African large-print cloth, “I don’t know what kind of technology is used to dye the cloth into a natural, natural color.” The color!” Liu Mintao marveled at the dyeing process of large floral cloth. Although the floral skirts she bought home as gifts were not so fine in workmanship and had threads, the rich colors like oil paintings were unique in this land of Africa. Some are the color of virgin forests.

“Welcome to Mailecun” is another collaboration between Liu Mintao and his good friend Jin Dong. Regarding the question of “does it still feel fresh after a long time of cooperation?” Liu Mintao said: “I think actors can only feel more familiar when they are more familiar with each other.” Freshness.” She believes that freshness is like the feeling of a couple getting along. As long as you manage and maintain it with concentration and seriousness, you can have a sense of freshness with people you are particularly familiar with at any time. She admitted that this was a matter of work attitude, and the so-called “freshness” would not be a problem, let alone an obstacle.

In addition to cooperating with old friends like Jin Dong, Liu Mintao is also constantly making new attempts. In the movie “Hot” released in July this year, Liu Mintao and Wang Yibo played a mother and son. When talking about working with young actors, Liu Mintao said: “Young people will have a sense of freshness.” She believes that she can learn from them. A different state of performance. “I often think about why some of their deduction methods produce better results than my own methods.”

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When talking about the considerations and criteria for selecting scripts, Liu Mintao said bluntly: “It’s about looking for differences!” In short, it’s about comparing the characters in the play with yourself to see if you can find more differences, and then explore your own strengths in the characters. potential. Liu Mintao also said that she would also consider taking roles that are relatively easy to perform and if the scripts are very in-depth and rare. She also revealed that if given the opportunity in the future, she would like to challenge comedy. However, since he did not have much comedy experience before, Liu Mintao was also very honest about how to perform a comedy well: “The style of comedy is too obvious and too stylized. I am still a little confused.”

In life, Liu Mintao is also a person who keeps up with the trends of the times. “Sister” Liu Mintao is very familiar with these hot words and topics on the Internet. Liu Mintao, a Capricorn, knows the horoscopes of herself and those around her very well. She said that she can understand everything that young people are concerned about, just like the saying, “Everything is reasonable as long as it exists.”

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