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Mous case for the Google Pixel 8 Pro in carbon fiber look, with MagSafe!

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Mous case for the Google Pixel 8 Pro in carbon fiber look, with MagSafe!

You’ve probably seen advertisements for Mou’s smartphone cases before. These advertise very “flashy” and over-the-top advertising, which usually puts me off. However, that doesn’t have to mean that the products are bad.

However, Mous cases are relatively expensive!

However, since I was looking for a case for my Pixel 8 Pro and didn’t like Google’s own case on previous Pixel models, I wanted to give it a try.

Here I chose the Mous case for Google Pixel 8 Pro “carbon fiber”.

In this little article let’s take a look at whether it’s really worth the €65!

The Mous case for the Google Pixel 8 Pro in carbon fiber look

First of all, praise for the packaging of the Mous case! This is simple, stylish and completely plastic-free. Excellent!

The case itself is quite massive. This is structurally stable and cannot be easily dented. The cover is made entirely of a hard rubber-like plastic. We only installed a kind of carbon fiber window on the back.

As an alternative to carbon fiber, there are also models with wood, fabric and leather.

width and weight

With the case, the Pixel 8 Pro is 82.2 mm wide and weighs 275g.

Without the case, the Pixel 8 Pro is 76.6 mm wide and weighs 225g.

Accordingly, the Mous case is not huge, but not tiny either!


Mous advertises its fall protection very aggressively. But I’m not doing any tests here! I don’t intentionally drop my Pixel 8 Pro or anything like that!

Relying on the protection of the case is purely a matter of luck. However, the protective aspect of the case looks quite good! The edges are generously reinforced and lined inside with a special shock-absorbing material.

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In addition, both the front and the back protrude slightly above the display/camera, which should prevent scratches.

Therefore I assume at least a good protective effect!

Haptics/feeling in the hand

Unfortunately, here we come to my biggest point of criticism: I don’t really like the feel of the case.

IMPORTANT! This is my personal opinion, which of course may differ from your taste.

The plastic on the sides is relatively strong and hard, but not hard plastic either. There is also no overly strong texture here. There is a slight ribbing, but it is not extremely pronounced. In addition, the edges are curved a little more outwards.

The bottom line is that with my old “Spigen Liquid Air” (affiliate link) I felt I had a firmer grip on the pixel.

Also the back. Here we have a carbon fiber design. Unfortunately there is no carbon fiber texture. The back is matte/smooth but not heavily textured, while the transition between the back and the frame is quite hard.

The Mous case doesn’t feel bad, by any means, but I think it feels a bit boring in the hand.

I liked the Spigen Liquid Air more in terms of hand feel! Even if this is clearly the inferior case in all other respects.

With MagSafe!

A special feature of this Mous case is the MagSafe compatibility. MagSafe isn’t that Apple’s magnetic wireless charging? Correct!

There are corresponding magnets in the Mous case so that the Pixel 8 Pro sticks to the corresponding wireless magnetic chargers in the case and charges!

This is definitely a feature that can offer added value, because there are many nice MagSafe chargers. Even if you’ve switched from an iPhone to a Pixel, this is a good way to continue using your old accessories.

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The Mous case for the Google Pixel 8 Pro in carbon fiber style is not bad! However, I think the price of €65 is too high unless you need MagSafe.

Let’s start with the pluses:

The interior is partially lined with fabric The edges of the case are well reinforced and should provide solid fall protection The fit is very good MagSafe compatibility

Most cheap cases are simply made from a single piece of plastic. Premium cases, on the other hand, are ideally lined with fabric on the inside. Why? So that dirt that gets between the case and the smartphone doesn’t rub against the back as much.

This is also the case here, at least in the area under the camera.

Mou’s big marketing thing is of course fall protection. I can certainly imagine that this is above average. I’ll leave it to be seen whether it’s as good as in the exaggerated marketing videos, but it should be fine for a medium-compact case.

But what justifies the high price is the MagSafe compatibility. MagSafe? On the Google Pixel? Yes! The corresponding magnets are built into the case so that you can use the case and Pixel on a magnetic MagSafe charger.

This works too! I also think this is a very big advantage, because there are many nice MagSafe chargers that you can now use.

However, I have to be honest, I don’t really like the feel of the Mous case!

The edges are curved outwards quite a bit, the plastic used is relatively hard and smooth and I find the carbon fiber style back boring.

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I like cases with some texture and structure. This is absolutely not the case here! The case feels very smooth and “unspectacular”. In addition, the case is not huge, but it does add a bit of bulk.

A pity! Because technically I think the Mous case is really good, but I find it a bit boring in terms of feel. Maybe I would have preferred a version with leather or fabric, but the carbon fiber back is “boring” in my opinion.

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