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Northwave, giacca Extreme 2 – Tech Cycling

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Northwave, giacca Extreme 2 – Tech Cycling

Seasonal test for this jacket which proved to be very versatile, suitable for all outdoor cycling disciplines. The style of the Venetian house combines excellent comfort, valid protection from the cold and a very notable load capacity of the pockets.

At the Italian Bike Festival 2023, Northwave presented and had people touch its products dedicated to the cold period, autumn and winter. In addition to the Flagship R GTX shoes, of which we have already published the test, our attention was caught by the Extreme 2 jacket in the particular rust/green color. A versatile garment that stands out for the large number of pockets, a useful detail especially for those who cycle off-road, to always have energy bars, gels, multi-tools and anything else at hand.

Northwave used a 100% polyester fabric for the Extreme 2 jacket, smooth on the outside with an internal geometric relief in a square shape. The weave is designed to keep warm air close to the skin by creating channels suitable for dissipating the humidity produced by physical activity. The fabric can be worn over another garment with the same insulation and dissipation capacity.

Northwave has chosen a particular design, with the stitching that follows and underlines the shape of the chest. The Extreme 2 jacket has a pleasant, sporty look with a touch of elegance and a choice of colors which, in the garment tested, makes it captivating and particular.

The cut is “regular” with a comfortable fit, snug enough with some space to be able to wear the Extreme 2 jacket as a second or, on colder days, a third layer. The sleeves, at the shoulder, have a straight, shirt-style cut, which leaves the necessary freedom of movement while riding. The length of the sleeves is correct to cover the wrists well in the position you assume on the bike. The cuff does not tighten.

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Our tester, 176 cm tall, wore a size “M” following the size chart on the Northwave website. For a tighter fit and for use exclusively on the road, we recommend choosing one size smaller than indicated.

There are five rear pockets. The main four are actually two large pockets, instead of the classic three, made from the same fabric as the shirt. Two other pockets, in mesh fabric, of the same size and capacity are superimposed on these. The positioning is ideal for easy access. The total capacity is practically double. The fifth pocket has a zip and is located on the right side.

On the sides there are two openings, equipped with zips, to regulate the dissipation of the heat accumulated inside during effort. The zip is full-length and features an internal tape that prevents cold air from entering. On the collar there is the classic and comfortable garage protection, to avoid rubbing on the skin. At the bottom of the shirt the zip is not protected but in our tests it never produced abrasions to the fabric of the tights.

Passive safety is entrusted to the two reflective strips placed on the upper edge of the pockets. The reduced distance between the two strips means that, when illuminated, they merge into a bright band that is clearly visible at a great distance even in foggy or misty conditions.

In the Northwave technical data sheet it does not indicate a range of temperatures of use declaring the garment suitable for use in both autumn and winter, as an external layer, varying the thermal underwear accordingly and combining it, if necessary, with a second layer like the classic long-sleeved shirt.

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The Extreme 2 jacket is available in 6 sizes, from S to 3XL, and 3 colors, black, yellow and brown, practically the rust color of our test combined with the green sleeves. The list price is 169 euros.

Each product subjected to our test receives an opinion on the various objectively determinable functional aspects. Aesthetics and price are not considered, as they are considered parameters resulting from strictly subjective evaluations.
This is our scale of values.

The main characteristics are in alphabetical order, with our evaluation resulting from the test.

• Morphological adaptability
• Comfort
• Elasticity and softness of fabric
• Finishes
• Waterproof
• Thermal insulation
• Wind protection
• Resistance to washing cycles
• Resistance to rubbing
• Breathability
• Fit

Our test took place in the period between December 2023 and February 2024. The weather provided us with long periods with typically winter conditions: freezing air, rain, snow, wind and ice with temperatures, during the outings, between 0°C and +6°C, alternating with weeks of mild climate with temperatures close to +16°C, above the seasonal average. The chosen routes, road, mountain bike and gravel, are all in hilly Brianza. Some outings at altitude, above 1,000 metres, climbs of medium length, always within 10 km, with fast descents, often in the shade.

On plains and flat sections, both on and off-road, the Extreme 2 jacket protects well from the wind and freezing air, creating a comfortable temperature inside on the torso while on the sleeves, at times, you can feel cool on the arms. However, this effect is never annoying. The temperature always remains at optimal values. The dissipation of moisture produced by the effort is always valid.

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When climbing, the fabric offers good thermoregulation capabilities, dissipating internal humidity well. Any heat accumulation or the classic greenhouse effect can be eliminated by acting on the zips located under the arms, which can also be operated with gloves. The collar offers good protection and, above all, is very comfortable.

On the descent, the Extreme 2 jacket insulates the torso from the external cold, even in bitterly cold conditions and in shaded sections. During our tests, depending on the temperature, we combined it with a thermal underwear and, on colder days, with a second thermal layer. The fabric transports moisture to the outside quite quickly, minimizing the sensation of cold, wet cloth on the skin typical of the first meters of the descent. The cuffs seal the bottom of the sleeve and prevent cold air from entering your forearms.

– Northwave website

Article and photos by Sergio Doria

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