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Nvidia achieves success on the stock market…

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Nvidia achieves success on the stock market…

Nvidiathe US company that produces microprocessors, has achieved formidable success in purse. In terms of market value, it has surpassed Aphabet (the holding company that owns Google) and the giant Amazon. Thus he reaches the third placepreceded by Apple and Microsoft.

Nvidia reaches third place on the stock market, preceded by Apple and Microsoft

The Nvidia shares they earned 2 percent, and at the end of the day they were worth $739 each, leading to a capitalization of 1,830 billion dollars. It thus becomes the company holding third place on the stock exchange, preceded only by Apple e Microsoft.

As is already known, the positioning on the stock exchange can fluctuate from one day to the next, so it should not be taken as a given, but it has a certain symbolic value, since a year ago the company’s shares were worth less than third compared to today.

Why is Nvidia succeeding on the stock market?

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The reason why Nvidia is making so much revenue comes from the fact that the company is strongly present in the computer market building artificial intelligence. In fact, the company produces very powerful processors suitable for the development of some of the most well-known software, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. At the moment Nvidia dominates the market almost completely, consequently in the absence of large competitors it is able to collect a large part of the demand for AI processors.

Until recently, Nvidia was best known for the production of graphic video cards, i.e. the electronic cards that process video signals in personal computers. Subsequently, the company had the opportunity to enter the artificial intelligence market. A complete system for Nvidia’s AI can arrive at cost 20 thousand dollars and thousands of them are needed to build data centers dedicated to artificial intelligence software.

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Nvidia logo and sign on headquarters. Blurred foreground with green trees – Santa Clara, California, USA – 2020

Nvidia customers

At the moment, customers of Nvidia, or rather the giants willing to invest in artificial intelligence, are Alphabet and Amazon. The company also plans to soon put on sale a new processor (H200) which will be much faster and more powerful than the one it currently sells, and which has contributed significantly to the increase in its value on the market. stock market.

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