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“Pikmin 4” official website & prologue trailer released! The last hopeful rookie rescuer is “you”! -funglr Games

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“Pikmin 4” official website & prologue trailer released! The last hopeful rookie rescuer is “you”!  -funglr Games

As long as it is pulled out, it will follow you with all its heart“The latest work in the “Pikmin” series “Pikmin 4
In terms of numbered series, this work is from 2013 A complete new work in 10 years since “Pikmin 3”I believe that many fans who are eagerly looking forward to the sequel are waiting.
Because in the past 10 years, “Pikmin 3 Deluxe“and”Pikmin Bloom“, people who first came into contact with “Pikmin” from these two games, or those who want to start adventures with Pikmin for the first time from “Pikmin 4”, “Pikmin 4” will be releasedReleased on July 21, 2023 (Friday), and is now accepting pre-orders! Hurry up and pre-order it!
Although the launch date has been confirmed before, there is actually very little information about the game. As far as we know, there is a new Pikmin “Iced Pikmin“with rookie rescue dog”Ou Qing」。
With less than 2 months until its official launch, Pikmin 4 is finally outprologue trailerup!

The release date of the latest series “Pikmin 4” for the first time in 10 years is decided on Friday, July 21! Start accepting reservations!

Find the dead Olimar and the rescue team!

As the name suggests, the prologue preview released this time is an introduction to“Pikmin 4” prologue video
Everyone is familiar with “Captain Olimar” crashed on an unknown planet and lost contact.
Therefore, a rescue team was sent to rescue, but the rescue team also disappeared in the unknown planet.double whammyNow, their fate seems to have come to an end.
At this moment, a person who stayed at the headquartersrookie playerAppeared. Yes!that is you”

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As the last hope, can you go to a mysterious planet and cooperate with Pikmin and Ou Qing to rescue the missing Olima and the rescue team? ?What is waiting for you on the mysterious planet! ?
Although there are still many things I want to know, after reading the trailer, I can probably understand what kind of game “Pikmin 4” is.
As you can see in the trailer, one of the features of this work is that you canparts to build the look you like

ID card making
Pikmin 4 Prologue Trailer

“Pikmin 4” will beSales will start on July 21, 2023 (Friday)!
Digital edition priceJPY 6,500boxed version priceJPY 6,578
“Pikmin 4” can be exchanged for the game with the “Nintendo Game Voucher” limited to Nintendo Switch Online members. Those who want to buy the digital version will be more cost-effective using the voucher!
With the announcement of the trailer, the official website of “Pikmin 4” is also online, so stay tuned for the official release!

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