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Players Express Dissatisfaction with Lack of Ground Vehicles in ‘Star Sky’ Game: Bethesda Responds

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Players Express Dissatisfaction with Lack of Ground Vehicles in ‘Star Sky’ Game: Bethesda Responds

Bethesda Faces Criticism for Lack of Ground Vehicles in “Star Sky” Game

Bethesda, the renowned game development company, is currently facing backlash from players due to the absence of ground vehicles in their latest game, “Star Sky.” With no option for vehicles, players are restricted to exploring the game’s expansive map solely on foot. Bethesda’s development director Todd recently addressed this issue in an interview with PC Gamer, providing an explanation for their decision.

According to Todd, the exclusion of ground vehicles was a deliberate design choice aimed at enhancing players’ immersive gaming experience. “When we introduce ground vehicles, it changes the gameplay dynamics. However, players do have alternative options, such as an upgradeable jetpack or their own spaceship, which functions like a ‘car’ and allows them to travel anywhere they desire,” Todd explained.

However, many players remain dissatisfied with this explanation, deeming it unreasonable and unscientific. Critics argue that even in games like The Legend of Zelda, characters, like Link, have the ability to create vehicles and traverse vast continents. Considering “Star Sky” is set in a future science fiction universe, players believe it is illogical to explore a planet without a ground vehicle.

Experts in the gaming industry speculate that the absence of ground vehicles in “Star Sky” may be attributed to limitations of the Creation engine. While the game does feature rail transits in select planetary cities, players are unable to directly ride these train models. Instead, the rail transits merely serve as “teleport points,” indicating that the improved Creation engine of “Star Sky” still lacks real-time ground vehicle driving capabilities.

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Another aspect that has fueled criticism is the absence of roads outside the cities in the game. Critics argue that this may be a cost-saving measure by Bethesda. With the game map still featuring boundaries, the lack of ground vehicles effectively focuses players’ exploration within a smaller area.

The controversy surrounding the absence of ground vehicles in “Star Sky” has raised concerns about the game’s overall gameplay experience. While Bethesda has provided an explanation for their design choice, players remain divided on the matter. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether Bethesda will address these concerns and provide potential updates to appease dissatisfied players.

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