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Qodeup, 2.5 million round seed led by Techshop Primo

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Qodeup, 2.5 million round seed led by Techshop Primo

Qodeupan innovative startup that launched a QRCode-based software suite for the catering sector, has closed a seed funding round from 2.5 million euros. The operation is led by Techshop Primo as lead investor, alongside the FoodBrand company (owner of the “Doppio Malto” chain) and business angels with sector expertise. The round was supported by the shareholders of the first hour and is open for a few more weeks to further investors.

“The fourth investment of our Fund confirms the strategy of focusing on SaaS + Embedded Finance solutions with a strong innovative potential for real economy chains and with measurable benefits for end consumers” explain Gianluca D’Agostino and Aurelio Mezzotero, managing partners of The Techshop, who continue: «In Qodeup we have found an ambitious, competent and highly attractive team for investors, partners and talents, all resources necessary for this journey aimed at revolutionizing the world of catering».

The proceeds of the round will be aimed at perfecting the product and enhancing the market launch of the Qodeup payment system. The primary target is represented by independent restaurants, which represent approximately 92% of the Italian market. Qodeup also provides a solution for restaurant chains, integrated with management and accounting software.

The startup was born in Brescia by the founders Fabio Marniga, serial entrepreneur, and Stefano Allegra, software engineer. Accelerated by Bocconi4innovationcompleted a first round of financing in 2021, among investors Bocconi University and a parterre of competent and passionate business angels.

Qodeup has launched a fintech solution that allows you to rethink the checkout process of a meal, enabling a real “POS at every table” via QRCode. It is a payment solution that does not require a dedicated app. Payment can be divided between diners and is made via Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit cards of any circuit. For the merchant, everything is monitored through the proprietary webapp.

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