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Riptide” available for free for a limited time!

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Riptide” available for free for a limited time!

Dead Island 2 will soon be making its way to Steam. To bridge the waiting time until then, the developers have another little gift for us: the predecessor!

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You can currently get the Definitive Edition of Dead Island: Riptide for free. You have to hurry though. The free promotion only runs until February 15th at 5 p.m. If you strike in time, you can keep the game even after the period has expired. Here you can go directly to the product page on Steam!

Dead Island: Riptide was published in 2011, but has only been available in Germany since 2019. In terms of content, the game ties in directly with the story of Dead Island 1 and also brings back many well-known characters. To date, more than 5,800 reviews have been submitted on Steam, 75 percent of which are positive.

The highlights of the Definitive Edition:

Includes all previously released DLCs! Completely remastered: Experience Dead Island: Riptide in crisp HD with improved graphics, new game models and a photorealistic lighting system with physical shading. Adrenaline-fuelled combat: Smash heads, crack skulls and slash wildly in intuitive, breathtaking close-quarters combat. Seamless co-op multiplayer: Team up with your friends and experience the madness of survival together. Experience the atmosphere: Experience the exciting atmosphere – feel the destruction, the terror and the madness and immerse yourself in the chaos of the island.

Successors in the starting blocks

From April 22, 2024, Dead Island 2 will finally be available on Steam. The game was released a year ago, but PC players can only purchase it via the Epic Games Store. Unlike its two predecessors, Dead Island 2 does not take place on a remote island, but on the mainland.

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The game turned out to be a commercial hit. Two million copies were sold in the first two months after release alone. The German version was cropped in places. This means it is not possible to dismantle defeated opponents into their individual parts. Otherwise the game would probably not have received an age rating in this country.

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