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“phoenix personally”: Prof. Ivo Boblan visits Jörg Thadeusz / Friday, …

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“phoenix personally”: Prof. Ivo Boblan visits Jörg Thadeusz / Friday, …

14.02.2024 – 13:41


Bonn (ots)

In “phoenix personal” Jörg Thadeusz talks to Ivo Boblan, Professor of Humanoid Robotics at the Berlin University of Technology, about the question of how robots can be used in care, what they have to look like so that they are accepted by people and whether robots could one day take over.

“We assume that we only want to work with robotic systems if they appear more human, if their behavior is very similar to us,” says Professor Ivan Boblan, who teaches humanoid robotics at the Berlin University of Technology. Since humans are the “top animal in the food chain”, they would try to “recreate the best animal” and develop a “twin”. “And you have to see that people are not just embodiment, they are not just electrical engineering, they are not just computer science, there is a lot involved.”

One of the central questions of his research is: “What are the ideal robots of the future that we want in society?” Should robots continue to be “clearly recognizable as robots” in the future or should they be “humanized”? In the European “robotics community” everyone agrees that “if the robot can’t see, but can only shake hands, then it doesn’t need eyes.” While robots in Asian countries should look like humans, things are different in Europe: “We have a problem when I can no longer recognize whether they are robots or not,” explains Prof. Ivo Boblan.

He’s not interested in replacing people with robots. “For me it’s about people having trust in robotic systems and the unpleasant work, i.e. the work that hurts, that is heavy, carrying loads, that should be done for them by robot systems, by automation, by technology.” But people should still talk to each other: “Who wants to talk to a machine?” asks the scientist.

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