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SEGA Introduces Updated Version of Popular Music Game Machine ‘maimai Deluxe BUDDiES’

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SEGA Introduces Updated Version of Popular Music Game Machine ‘maimai Deluxe BUDDiES’

Japan SEGA Announces the Launch of Updated Version of Popular Music Game Machine “maimai Deluxe BUDDiES”

Japan SEGA has recently announced the release of the updated version of their popular music game machine, “maimai Deluxe BUDDiES”. The new machine is set to be launched in game centers across Japan starting from September 14th.

“Maimai” is a well-known music game console often found in amusement parks in Japan and Taiwan. It features a wide selection of popular pop music, anime songs, Touhou Project arrange songs, and more. The console is famously nicknamed “Washing Machine” due to its unique design, featuring a touch screen in the middle and ring buttons with eight directions on the outer circle.

The “maimai Deluxe BUDDiES” is a double-based machine that allows players to record joint scores, evaluations, and leaderboards of two people playing together. It even includes a “SYNC” logo to keep track of the pairing. Additionally, the new machine allows players to use hiragana and katakana characters in their names, although it is mentioned on the official website that name changes can only be made once every 10 times of playing maimai Deluxe, with a requirement to abide by good customs.

Players who currently hold area bonus coupons (ちほー 1.5 times チケット) and stamp cards (すたんぷカード) will be able to retain them in the new machine. Moreover, the friend battle feature of the new machine introduces “LEGEND” difficulty and the option to conduct music. Players will also have the ability to adjust click speed and touch speed.

However, it is important to note that some songs have been removed from the game, including hololive’s early single “Shiny Smily Story” and “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” episode “God knows…”. For more details on the song changes, players can refer to the official Twitter account and the official website announcement of maimai.

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The launch of the updated version of the “maimai Deluxe BUDDiES” machine is expected to attract both new and existing fans of the popular music game. Game centers in Japan are preparing to welcome players and provide them with an enhanced gaming experience with the latest additions and improvements. So, mark your calendars and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of maimai Deluxe.

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