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I help to set up a cleaning robot (vacuum and mopping). For anyone who googles it one day: It’s a RoboRock model (I don’t know more). First, the robot has to connect to the WiFi so that it can later be controlled via an app. I select the network and enter the password. Doesn’t work, connection failed.

I open the router’s settings (in a browser) and turn off the 5GHz band because the robot can only do 2.4GHz. The WiFi in question is on 2.4 GHz, but perhaps the theoretical option of the 5 GHz connection confuses the robot. Still doesn’t work, connection failed.

I have a suspicion that it could be because both the SSID and the password contain $0nD€rzé1çH3n. But I can’t quickly change the password. I am connected to the router via WiFi. When I change the password I lose the connection because it seems to be disconnected every time the password is changed. The change can then no longer be saved. I would have to connect to the router with a LAN cable in order not to lose connection when changing the WiFi password, but a cable is not available.

Then I notice that you can create a so-called guest access on the router. Usually something like this is temporary, but basically you just assign another SSID and a new password, so I don’t see why it shouldn’t run permanently or be less secure than the previous access. For this guest access, I choose an SSID without special characters (i.e. purely alphanumeric) and a password without special characters (but very long).

And it works. Now all that remains is to configure the robot, but I have nothing to do with that part.

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(Christopher Bergmann)

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