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“Sonic Unknown Frontier” TGS real machine demo, find the track on the map to run fast | 4Gamers

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“Sonic Unknown Frontier” TGS real machine demo, find the track on the map to run fast | 4Gamers

This year, SEGA finally thought of bringing its own mascot to the TGS Tokyo Game Show 2022. The new work “Sonic The Frontier” will be released on November 8; as one of the popular demo games this year, let’s quickly Take a look.

At this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2022, which was streamlined due to the epidemic, SEGA set up Sonic’s inflatable balloons at the “Sonic Unknown Frontier” booth, which attracted special attention.

This time around is about the first 15 minutes of the game; using the PS5 version. .

In the trial version, the difficulty can be adjusted, and there are two play styles for players to choose from, such as the “action style” for those unfamiliar with the “Sonic” game, and the “high-speed style” for those who are familiar with the system.

At the beginning of the trial version, you can feel the wild grass, cliffs, stones, rain scenes, etc. at the same time, and actually feel the performance ability of “Sonic Unknown Frontier” in the scene. The play process is roughly that Sonic is on the map and follows the instructions of the ancient ruins to solve the puzzle.

Because it is an open world, unlike the horizontal scroll type, you just need to rush forward. When you are not good at operating in the early stage, you often miss the acceleration device because of overshooting, and you can only brake silently and go back.

In “Sonic Unknown Frontier”, in addition to sprinting hard, you must also know how to make good use of various acceleration and orbital devices on the map. Many need to follow Sonic’s actions, press buttons to respond at the same time, or switch orbits left and right to move.

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The trial version mainly focuses on moving skills, and there will be cross-teaching levels on the way; when encountering a puzzle-solving mechanism, just observe the interaction a little. Because it is the initial content, the attack at this time only requires a single key press.

Because the high-speed moving tracks are opened one by one following the regional puzzle solving, after opening… there will indeed be a bunch of tracks in the air inexplicably, which can only be seen by personal feelings. All in all, if a Sonic like this is acceptable, you should be interested in this one.

Finally, let’s listen to the ending song “Vandalize” sung by ONE OK ROCK for “Sonic Unknown Frontier”.

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