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Spacetop is a laptop with AR glasses instead of a screen

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Spacetop is a laptop with AR glasses instead of a screen

Introducing the Sightful Spacetop: Laptop Screen Replaced by Glasses

In the competitive world of laptop manufacturing, companies are constantly seeking new ways to offer users more screen space. Foldable screens and dual-screen laptops have been recent attempts by Lenovo and Asus, but a new startup called Sightful is offering a revolutionary idea – what if we don’t need a laptop screen at all, and instead replace it with glasses?

The Sightful Spacetop, as shown in the picture above, essentially consists of only the lower half of a traditional laptop, with the “screen” portion replaced entirely by a pair of stored glasses. This unique design allows the Spacetop to boast a “100-inch” screen size. The glasses, developed by Xreal Lights, provide a relatively small viewing range, which may impact the usability of the Spacetop prototype. However, the concept is certainly intriguing.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and running on the Android operating system, the Spacetop features 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage. With a starting price of $2,000, the machine may seem a bit steep, but it’s important to note that wearable glasses displays are still in a relatively early stage of development. If the concept of using a computer through glasses can provide an experience that surpasses that of a traditional laptop screen, there may still be potential for the Spacetop and similar designs in the future.

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In a world where innovation and technology are constantly evolving, the Sightful Spacetop represents an exciting exploration of new possibilities for laptop design.

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