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Tales of TFV Vic’s Test: Chapter 3 Game Production – Winter is Coming Quietly

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Tales of TFV Vic’s Test: Chapter 3 Game Production – Winter is Coming Quietly

Winter is coming quietly, but the production of the highly anticipated “Test for Vic Vic’s Test” Chapter 3 game is heating up as the end of the year approaches. The game’s creator, known as 12atan, has been hard at work on the project, slowly completing the Wilton world one day at a time.

Chapter 3 production officially restarted on October 1, 2023, and 12atan has been documenting their progress every step of the way. From drawing character diagrams to testing various plugins and fine-tuning dialogue styles, the process of bringing the game to life has been a labor of love for the dedicated developer.

In the first week of production, 12atan encountered some challenges, including the need to delete unnecessary data and adjust the UI for better functionality. However, they persevered and made significant progress, including drawing character portraits, modifying dialogue styles, and mapping out the game’s storyline.

As the weeks went on, 12atan continued to tackle new tasks, such as reorganizing the plot direction, creating new maps, and adding exciting new elements to the game world. From adjusting the rhythm of the story to incorporating feedback from NPCs generated by ChatGPT, the development of “Test for Vic Vic’s Test” Chapter 3 has been a dynamic and ever-evolving process.

With each passing day, 12atan’s dedication to the project is evident, as they strive to make the Wilton world come to life in a way that is both engaging and immersive for players. As the holiday season approaches, fans of the game can look forward to more updates and progress reports from 12atan as they work tirelessly to bring their vision to fruition.

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To keep up with the latest developments and play “TFV Vic’s Trial” Chapter 1 & Chapter 2, fans can visit 12atan’s game page at https://12atan.itch.io. As winter quietly approaches, the future of “Test for Vic Vic’s Test” Chapter 3 is looking brighter than ever as 12atan forges ahead with their ambitious game production.

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