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tests in Abruzzo and the province of Trento, tomorrow in…

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tests in Abruzzo and the province of Trento, tomorrow in…

Today at 12pm on September 26th in the regions ofAbruzzo and in the Autonomous Province of Trentoyou will receive an alert message: these are theIT-Alert. The Civil Protection system will instead ring tomorrow in Laziowhich recovers after postponing tests due to bad weather.

IT-Alert: tests in Abruzzo and the province of Trento, tomorrow in Lazio

The test message sent through IT-Alert is intended to verify the effectiveness of the system and its ability to reach the public. The test message includes important information and instructions on how the system will work in the event of a real emergency.

The IT-Alert system uses the “one-to-many” cell broadcast technology. This means that the emergency message does not go directly to individual devices, but is spread in a georeferenced area identified by the operators’ antennas. Mobile phones within this area will receive the emergency message directly on the phone screen, accompanied by a very loud, rhythmic alarm sound.

After receiving the emergency message, the Civil Protection invites you to voluntarily fill out a questionnaire on the IT-Alert website. This questionnaire aims to collect feedback on the user experience of the service, helping to improve its effectiveness.

Recently, people in Lombardy, Molise and Basilicata tested the service, followed immediately by Piedmont, Puglia and Umbria. Lazio will now have their opportunity to test IT-Alert tomorrow, September 27th, together with Liguria. These tests represent crucial steps towards the full implementation of this national warning system.

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